Pineapple Lily

Boy, things are really dry in Virginia. Even the weeds aren’t growing quickly! My poor flower beds are starting to look worn out. Pineapple Lily doesn’t seem to mind the heat. I got this plant from my mother by way of my grandmother. I think it is really cool how the bloom looks like a pineapple. The best thing about this plant is that it is deer resistant. I’ve never seen it for sale in a nursery, so I don’t know its botanical name.

One thing about gardening that I really enjoy is watching the change of season. I know that it is August when the Pineapple Lily blooms. Mums are getting fat buds at the tips, a sign that the days are getting shorter and that Autumn is on the way. The trees seem to be suffering a bit from the dry weather. I actually had to rake the back yard yesterday. Raking in August just doesn’t seem like what I should be doing!

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  1. How lovely! And I see there are some cosmos behind it too! Here in SoCal I know it’s August because flowers are fading… our hollyhocks are going to seed as are our sunflowers. Cosmos still putting on a show and dahlias are doing well. Nice blog!

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