Dining Room Curtains

Finally, they are done! I am very pleased with how they look and I’m especially pleased that I won’t have to repaint the room.

Here are my old dining room curtains. I think this was the first set of curtains that I made for our home. I still like the fabric, but it has faded, and I think that the curtain style is really dated.

**The walls look blue in these pictures, but they are more green in person. The new fabric matches really well in person, but in the pictures, the fabric appears not to match.**



Did you notice that the seat in one of the chairs needs to be redone? The chairs were my great grandmother’s and are not so comfortable.


  1. Oh my gosh, you did a great job! They look fantastic! I love that pattern!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I would only do panels if you think you want it to look more formal. You did a terrific job, and I love the combination you put together!

  3. these are beautiful-love it.. I love your fabric choice

  4. 3 fabrics….WOW…they are beautiful. You did a wonderful job matching and sewing!

  5. Mom on the Run says:

    Those are gorgeous! You’re talented.

  6. Paula, they’re gorgeous! I wish I could sew!!

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