Saturday Night Fun

Mr. SP played in our club’s singles tournaments this weekend. I was the underdog for the ladies and came in last place. There were only four of us and the other three ladies are ranked at 3.5 and I’m a 3.0. We played each person once to twelve games. My first match was against a former tennis pro who was moved down last winter from 4.0 to 3.5. Her dad was my instructor at one point. Thank goodness she was hungover because it enabled me to win two games (2-10). The next match was not so good (1-11). My final match was (2-10). My serve was terrible and I gave up way too many points to double faults. It was still a good experience and I guess I would call it fun.

I have been tired, sad, depressed, and feeling mentally low all week. Getting my ass kicked all morning didn’t help my mental state. Mr. SP decided that an evening on the lake was what I needed to feel better and he was right!

It was a beautiful evening for a boat ride – blue skies, no humidity, and not much boat traffic.

At this point I’m wearing a sleeveless shirt, a short sleeved shirt, a long sleeved shirt, and a jacket. I’m still freezing! Mr. SP is in a short sleeved shirt and thinks it feels great.

Ahhhh….. Relaxation….. Just what the doctor ordered.

We play our first mixed doubles match of the year today. I guess I’ll have to drink wine tonight to unwind from that.


  1. Sounds like the ideal evening to me!!

    Thanks for the comments about the Palm Trees, not sure if I am going to keep those for now or go back and add them later. Playing around for a different look.

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