And Then There Were Three :: Our New Family Addition

Sherman James Skulina

We are now a family of three! On Saturday we adopted a puppy from the Campbell County Humane Society. I’ve never been a dog person and I’m adapting quite well to our new housemate.

Mr. SP grew up with dogs and has wanted a German Shepard for as long as I’ve known him. We met when Mr. SP was 29 and I promised him that he could have a dog when he turned 35 thinking that 35 was a long, long, time away. Needless to say, I reneged on my promise and we remained without a dog until Saturday. What brought about my change of heart? Mr. SP turns 50 on April 8 and I couldn’t think of a present he would want more, so Sherman James came into our lives.

We found Sherman online and looked at his picture over and over.  We met him on Friday night and found out on Saturday morning that we’d been selected to adopt him.



I was at tennis when Mr. SP and his dad picked Sherman up, so he came to see me after I played.



He doesn’t sit still for long but he did take time to pose with me for this shot .



By Saturday night he was worn out and took several naps before bedtime.



Sherman loves to walk and when he gets old enough he is sure to be a good running companion.

Sherman and Dave


Sherman has already made friends with a few dogs in the neighborhood including Simba.

Sherman Meets Simba


Sherman likes to visit with Mr. SP’s dad and has already found a napping spot at his house.

Sherman at Grandpa's


Sherman has brought big changes to our lives and so far we are enjoying every minute of owning him.


  1. Congratulations Paula to you and your husband on your new addition to the family. He is just precious. Just know that puppies are just four legged babies and you’ll probably have moments….maybe long moments, where precious will not be the words that come to mind in connection with Sherman. That said, I am a dog person, they bring love, joy, and laughter to your lives. My rescue doberman, Casanova, is my constant companion and best friend. He makes me laugh at least once a day, raises his eyes to the heavens when I serenade him with my own version of love diddies. I sometimes wonder if he looks to the heavens for divine intervention but convince myself it is because he is so enamored of my vocal prowess (not) and I use both his name and love repeatedly. Well, enough of me. I tend to ramble.

    Enjoy Sherman, love him and train him. I look forward to reading of his antics as he grows. Also, bless you both for rescuing. I think they are just the best.

  2. I am not an animal person either, but somehow those dogs make a way into your heart!!!

  3. Oh my gosh – Sherman is so sweet! I have a huge soft spot for Sheppards – we used to own a black and tan too – he was so handsome and wonderful!! I am sure Sherman will bring you lots of joy! 😀

  4. Way to go, girl!! I’m so proud of you! What a darling puppy. Y’all will be excellent dog owners–what a lucky dog to be adopted into your family!! 🙂

  5. Sherman is such a beautiful dog! I was never a dog person either, but once we adopted our Malti-Poo that was it… she has stolen my heart!

  6. congrats to all of you, he looks like such a sweetie!

  7. Paula, that is the cutest darn puppy around. I know you’ll love him to pieces…I can see him sitting up front on the boat this summer. Congratulations.

  8. What a CUTIE!! Oh my goodness!! Look at those long legs!! 🙂 Going to be a big boy!!

  9. So adorable! I’ve had two shepherds and I can tell you they are smarter than smart!! Very loyal and loving too. You made a great choice of breed.


  10. Oh my goodness, precious!! What a beautiful family 🙂

  11. Mr SP looks pretty smitten with the new addition!

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