Sewing Room Storage

Organizing my sewing room was hard work.  Trying to combine my things with both my grandmother’s and mother-in-law’s made for a lot things that needed a new how.  Where did I put all of those notions?

Let’s start with the rolling wooden cabinet.  This cabinet’s door is on wheels, when it opens, it stays open.  Inside are four drawers.

Drawer one contains thread.  I tried to sort it by color. 

Drawer two holds scissors and rotary cutters.

Drawer three holds pins, measuring tapes,  and pattern weights.

The bottom drawer holds various notions,  all grouped in plastic bags.

The white rolling cabinet holds Coats and Clark type thread.  I’ve been told that this type thread isn’t good for a sewing machine, so I don’t usually use it, but I inherited it, it’s still good, so why throw it out?  I sorted it by color and stored it in zip-lock bags.  The bin on top holds drapery making supplies.

I didn’t sort these boxed sets.  They must be for the embroidery machine (that I don’t know how to use) and I’m guessing that they may go with certain patterns.

The bottom drawer holds even more thread and some pre-wound bobbins.

The filing cabinet holds embroidery supplies, books, and patterns.

The dresser holds more supplies.  I couldn’t decide if I should keep this ribbon here or put it in the basement with my craft ribbon.  I ended up leaving it here for now.

The bottom drawer of the dresser is full of fabric.  I also have a bin in the attic that is full.   I decided not to try to organize my newly acquired fabric for now.  It is just too overwhelming. 

Into bins and into the attic it went.

Any tips on fabric organization?  Where do you keep your extra fabric?

I’m pleased to say that I didn’t have to buy a single thing to use for organization.  I either used what I had or used what I inherited from my mother-in-law.  I’m really lucky to have all of these supplies on hand.  Now I just need some time and motivation to sew!


  1. Great job with the organization! You have a well stocked sewing room.

    I need to purge some of my cloth stash and reorganize my craft closet.

  2. OMGosh-I am so impressed! that is tons of thread! What’s on the horizon for projects?? Back in the day I made all my maternity clothes & even sheets,dust ruffle and quilt for my oldest(26 years ago) now I barely sew on buttons??

  3. Your amazing Paula!

    As I’m looking at all these things all I can think is it’s a good thing I never got into sewing. One more storage problem I would have. 🙁

  4. I think you are doing a great job.
    I keep my fabric folded in a skinny cabinet. My cabinet if full, which means I can’t buy anymore – I need to get sewing !

  5. WOW! You do have a lot of sewing supplies! I have just started collecting sewing stuff cause I am bound and determined to teach myself how to sew. Maybe you can share some tips.

  6. Paula, I am super impressed with your sewing organization! Really, I am! I also feel that you do even more sewing than I realized before. You truly are always an inspiration. You are an amazing woman. 🙂


  7. That is a seamstress’ dream come true!! 🙂 Look at all that thread. I have only ever used two patterns…what are pattern weights for? Do tell!

  8. Good grief Paula, you could open a sewing store with that stock. You are one lucky organized person to have all that to work with. Call a local sewing store I bet they offer classes so you can learn to work the embroidery machine.

  9. I have no idea how to sew and this makes me want to. Crawford was looking over my shoulder and he was very impressed with how big the small little cabinet opened up! You are so organized~I am terribly envious.

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