Decorating Ideas Using Vintage Crates and Baskets

Crates and baskets are a decor item that I love not only for their looks but also for their usefulness. Today I’m sharing Decorating Ideas Using Vintage Crates and Baskets.

Ideas for Decorating with Crates and Baskets

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I am happy to be joining a group of blogging friends who share my love of vintage and antiques for a themed series where we share ideas for decorating with vintage.

This is an every other month series hosted by my blogging friend, Cindy of County Road 407.

In May we shared ideas for decorating with vintage books.

Today we are sharing decorating ideas using vintage crates and baskets. You will get loads of ideas for how you can use crates and baskets in your decor.

If you are coming from Decor to Adore, welcome!

Decorating Ideas Using Vintage Crates & Baskets

We’ll start with basket ideas and then move on to ideas using vintage crates.

Use Baskets on a Fireplace Hearth

I use vintage baskets mostly for decorating but also for organizing.

When I put together a spring mantel, I used two vintage baskets on the fireplace hearth.

Vintage Baskets used on a fireplace hearth with a vintage toolbox

The basket on the left was my dad’s childhood Easter basket and then my Easter basket. The one on the right is identical but a slightly larger size.

These baskets were purchased by my grandmother in the 1940s in Middletown, MD.

The maker of these baskets was Charles M. Phleeger (1896-1972).  One of my Middletown cousins remembers going to this man’s house as a child to buy a broom.

His obituary calls him a local basket maker, but according to the 1930 census he was a salesman for a bakery, and the 1940 census a carpenter.  Perhaps basket making and broom making were side jobs in his younger years and then full-time after he retired.

I’ll show you another basket made by Charles M. Phleeger in a bit.

Another fireplace hearth with a basket is at our lake house.

Rock fireplace in a cabin decorated for winter

This basket belonged to my grandmother and most likely first belonged to one of Granny’s aunts.

I leave this basket on the hearth filled with pine cones year-round. This picture is from a Thrift the Look – Winter Cabin Coffee Table from last winter.


Use a Basket to Hold Throws

In our family room, I use another basket made by Charles M. Phleeger to hold throws.

Vintage Woven Laundry Basket

My outlet cover is a Virginia Metalcrafters piece.

Virginia Metalcrafters is no longer in business and their work is getting harder and harder to find.

I found an outlet cover like mine on eBay and its “Buy it Now” price is $49.99. Yikes! I wish I had bought more of these covers long ago when Virginia Metalcrafters was still in operation and the outlet cover price was affordable.

Use Baskets for Kitchen Counter Organization

At the lake, I use Longaberger baskets gifted to me for my 1994 wedding on my kitchen counter.

My cake basket holds paper plates and the button basket holds chip clips.

An old stirrup makes a great napkin holder. I didn’t come up with this idea, my mom and aunt both used stirrups to hold napkins in the 1970s.

Longaberger baskets on a kitchen counter

Another Longaberger basket is used for whatever I need to corral. My cousin gave me some napkins to use for 4th of July, so when this picture was taken, the napkins were placed there to be used for the holiday.

Longaberger basket on a kitchen counter with a Planter's Peanut jar filled with bottle caps and a vintage fish platter.

Use Baskets to Hold Dog Toys

Sherman is the king of our house and he has numerous dog toys. One item that I use to contain them is a basket made using vintage tennis rackets.

Basket made with vintage tennis rackets filled with dog toys.

Side Note: This leather chair and ottoman used to be the orangish leather color popular in the early 2000s. Check out how I easily changed the color of the leather.

Baskets in a Sewing Room

I come from a family who loves antiques and vintage. I asked my cousin Stacey to take pictures of her vintage baskets and crates to use for this post.

Stacey is a master seamstress and uses baskets in her sewing room.

An interesting fact about Stacey’s sewing is that she sews using a foot treadle sewing machine. She made her own wedding dress back in 1991 using her foot treadle machine and still sews using it to this day.

Crates and baskets in a sewing room.

The dress form was our grandmother’s. My mom inherited it and then passed it along to Stacey.

Displaying Antique Baskets

My maternal grandmother lost her mother and father when she was only five years old. She went to live with her Aunt Lillian who my mother and her sisters call Grandma Lillian.

This sewing machine and the basket on top of it belonged to Grandma Lillian.

Grandma Lillian was born in 1872, so Mama estimates that her basket and sewing machine are approximately 125 years old.

Vintage Basket on top of a vintage sewing machine.

Mama reports that Grandma Lillian always used this basket as her sewing basket and it was filled with thread, needles, and other sewing supplies.

Vintage Basket

Note the interesting weave pattern of this basket.

Inside the sewing cabinet is a most interesting box that holds sewing machine attachments. My mother says that this box has been in this cabinet for as long as she can remember.

Vintage sewing machine attachment box that folds flat

Let me show you why it is so interesting.

Vintage sewing machine attachment box that folds flat

It continues to open until it is flat!

Vintage sewing machine attachment box that folds flat

Isn’t this a unique design?

Vintage sewing machine attachment box that folds flat

I used writing this post as a good excuse to nose around my aunt’s house looking for vintage baskets and crates.

This beautiful basket came from my grandmother’s house but my Aunt Judy can’t remember any details about it.

She remembers my grandmother telling her that it has some value but can’t remember any other details.

Side Note: Isn’t Judy’s lamp beautiful? The artwork behind the lamp is by P. Buckley Moss who used to reside in Waynesboro where Judy and my mom live.

Vintage lamp and basket

Judy displays this vintage basket that belonged to her mother-in-law on her fireplace hearth.

Vintage basket on fireplace hearth

Just like my mom’s home, Judy’s home is filled with inherited from family antiques. I love going there and looking around.

Also displayed on Judy’s hearth is some antique cast iron cookware.

Vintage basket on fireplace hearth

I can’t share vintage baskets without sharing this one that belonged to my paternal grandmother.

My grandmother’s 1922 basket was one of the gifts she received from her only childhood birthday party held in Norfolk, VA.  My aunt has a photograph from the party hanging in her living room.

Last summer I used this basket as part of my summer decor.

Vintage Mexican pot, 1901 Red Eagle Novel, 1922 Indian basket

My great-great uncle fought in the Spanish American War and this Mexican pottery jug was a souvenir that he brought back to my great-great aunt after he attended a war reunion.  The Red Eagle novel with the awesome Indian cover is from 1901.

Ideas for Using Vintage Crates

Now let’s move on to ideas for using vintage crates.

Use Vintage Crates to Organize Mail

Our mail is delivered through a slot in front door. To keep our mail organized, I use a two crate system.

Vintage trunk with two crates used to organize mail.

After I pick up the mail from the floor, my mail goes into the crate on the left and my husband’s mail into the crate on the right.

I have used this system for years and it helps to keep this area by our front door tidy.

My crate came from a vintage shop where I used to have a booth.

Vintage crate filled with mail

My mom gave me the crate that I use for my husband’s mail.

The text on his box says, “Gold Medal Awarded Walter Baker & Co. Paris Exposition 1900 Keep cool and dry.”

Vintage crate filled with mail

The text on the side of this box says that it holds 12 pounds of chocolate in one pound packages. It also says W. Baker & Co. Dorchester, Mass.

I found a box like mine for sale on Ebay.

Use a Crate to Organize Dog Toys

I know I already showed you how I keep Sherman’s toys in a basket, but one basket isn’t enough for our spoiled pooch.

More of his toys are in a crate that is so old that the writing is no longer legible.

Vintage crate filled with dog toys and a vintage woven laundry basket filled with blankets

Sherman loves to grab a toy from his crate. He also likes to remove the squeaker and the stuffing.

Vintage crate filled with dog toys and a vintage woven laundry basket filled with blankets

Use a Crate to Store Books

Stacey uses crates turned on their side and stacked to both store and display her cookbooks.

Stacked vintage crates filled with cookbooks

An old Velveeta Cheese crate holds vintage recipe booklets.

Vintage Velveeta crate filled with vintage booklets

Vintage Charlie Brown cookie cutters are displayed in a basket on top of a darling play stove.

Cookbooks in vintage crates. Antique child stove with a basket filled with vintage cookie cutters.

Judy also uses crates to store books. This crate came from my grandmother’s house.

Vintage crate filled with books

A similar crate is for sale on eBay and also on Etsy.

Use a Crate to Store Candles

Mama keeps this antique gunpowder crate on her kitchen cabinet and uses it to store candles.

Vintage Finest Moyune Gunpowder

The gunpowder box originally belonged my mom’s uncle.

I could go on and on showing you antique and vintage crates as my mom, me, and other family members use them all over our homes.

Vintage Cigar Box

When I was in either kindergarten or 1st grade, I remember that every child was instructed to bring in a cigar box to use store their supplies.

Almost everyone had a King Edward cigar box like this one in their desk. Can you imagine if a teacher asked a kid to bring in a cigar box these day?

Mama sent pictures of this Old Homestead cigar box for me to share with you.

Old Homestead Vintage Cigar Box

This cigar box belonged to my grandmother’s cousin.

Old Homestead Vintage Cigar Box

Boxes like this are handy for storing all kinds of things. Mama likes to do crossword puzzles and a box like this one is handy for storing her pens and pencils beside her recliner.

Old Homestead Vintage Cigar Box

I love sharing antiques and vintage with you and today it was a treat to also share things that belong to my mom, aunt, and cousin.

Many thanks to Cindy for hosting this fun blog hop.

If you are hopping in order, next up is Coco from The Crowned Goat.

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  1. I think you win the contest for most baskets and crates! My most vintage basket is my own Easter basket. I guess my family was never that interested in baskets. By the way, I wrote a blog featuring a Cliquot Club crate that appeared in an old photo.

    1. You shared so many prrtty pieces. It’s great your cousin dhared her pieces too. Always fun facts and history behind your pieces.


  2. I really enjoyed seeing and reading about the baskets and crates that are family treasures. It’s awesome that so many of them have been preserved!

  3. Pretty and practical baskets and crates? You are totally speaking my love language, Paula! On e of my favorite things about your posts is how much history you include. You and your family have so many great finds and I love that you guys pass them down and share them with each other. Hugs to you and Sherman for the best day, CoCo

  4. I lived in Waynesboro for 10 years and it is heaven on earth truly! I enjoy reading about VA Mealworkers and Moss art work it brings back great memories for me thanks.

  5. You have a wonderful collection of beautiful old baskets, Paula! Thanks for sharing that amazing sewing machine attachment box; never seen anything like that before-so cool! Always enjoy hearing all the stories that go along with the antiques!

  6. Wowza, you have got the greatest collection and they come with great stories. I have no one left alive to tell me about some of the old things I have. Anyway, I love them all. And I’m glad I’m not the only one storing dog toys in a vintage crate! LOL. When the mail comes through the slot in the door, how is it caught or does it just hit the floor? I have a post coming soon where I sawed a crate in half and attached it to the wall to hold plates etc. That would be a cute idea for your mail. Thank you so much for joining in. Always love reading who had what and how old it is. Pinned

  7. Paula, how fortunate you are to have such amazing pieces with family ties. I love those baskets that were Easter baskets from your dad and his family. I’m loving ALL of your wonderful baskets and cool crates! I have several Longaberger baskets in use for sewing but they’ve been used hard and dragged all around the U.S. thanks for sharing all the fun!

  8. Great ideas and photos. With so much emphasis on “decluttering” online, I have been questioning “do these things give me pleasure? “The answer is a definite yes. Seeing old treasures makes me smile. Your post has shown me many ways to enjoy the things of the past. I appreciate your willingness to share not only ideas but the history of you family.

  9. Always love to see your vintage items this baskets and creates and the history that goes along with them.
    I never saw a sewing machine box like that with all the tools in it.. Your family has some great pieces.
    Have a great week.

  10. My, oh my! Paula, you have quite the collection here! I love using baskets and crates to stow away some of our family clutter, but I have nowhere near the collection you have. I fell in love with the tennis racket one and that amazing sewing machine, given my love for both hobbies. I have some woven trunks I’m hoping to repurpose at some point, so you’ve given me lots of ideas. Thanks for sharing your treasures!

  11. Wow Paula! Such beautiful baskets and crates! I love that so many have a special meaning to you. Those are always the best treasures. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  12. Wowza, what an amazing collection of baskets you and your family have, so wonderful to have such meaningful things that care so useful.
    That sewing machine accessory box is a thing of wonder! How fabulous!

  13. So many beautiful and inspiring pieces. I love looking and enjoying items made for beauty and quality. Lovely baskets, and boxes.

  14. I am late because I always save your post for last when I will have time to read all of the interesting stories and details about your vintage treasures. This post is a gem! So many wonderful baskets, crates and history shared. I have never seen little children’s recipe booklets like those and they are so charming. Also love the Peanuts cookie cutters!

    I love seeing the Longaberger baskets too. I didn’t get around to sharing mine in my post bu I still use mine and I do plan to share a post about Longaberger baskets in the near future.. I know they aren’t really all the rage right now in blogland and IG, but I think they are fabulous, well made baskets that will certainly circle back around to being sought after collectibles by twenty somethings who are just starting out and looking for “vintage” 90’s decor.

    So much to love here today! Thank you for taking the time to share such an interesting and beautiful post!

  15. WOW!!! What a magnificent collection of heirloom pieces you have! I enjoyed all the rich history you shared with us on this wonderful post. Thank you!

    Your uses and baskets/ trunks are unique and eclectic.

  16. Such a lovely post, Paula! I love all the family pieces you’ve shared here… so many beautiful baskets and crates!! Charles and I brought home a few crates from his when his father worked at Sam’s Club. They are newer but gaining history! So perfect for using all over the home.

    Enjoy yours and I’m happy to feature your post at Share Your Style #265 this week,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Thank you! It was fun to share my baskets and crates and also to team up with my cousin and mom to share some of theirs as well. I appreciate the feature!!


  17. So many awesome ideas!!! I love baskets and love how you’ve used yours!! Your vintage treasures are always so lovely!!!

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