Nifty Sewing Table

After sewing on a kitchen table for years, sewing on my new table is going to be a dream. 

This cube….

Unfolds into this!

I love the storage.

And I especially love the work surface.

I predict that many an hour will be spent happily sewing at this table.  Bring on the snow so I’ll have some free time to sew!


  1. W-O-W!!! I can’t believe how much it unfolds for that extra work space. You are one lucky chick!

  2. That is AMAZING. Wow. I’m so happy for you to have a great tool like this table and also to have a room to house it! Sew on, girl!

  3. holy cow, mon! that is fantastic!
    where did you get that? i neeeeeeeed one!!!!
    tell me tell me, please?

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