A Slippery Morning

I met my friend Suzanne at the Y this morning to do a run before school. I don’t like running in the dark, but it is better than not running at all. We run 2 1/2 miles (uphill) and then we turn around and run back to the Y. It is all on sidewalks and there are street lights, so it is not too bad. This morning the run ended up being treacherous. It started raining a little bit when we started running, but we didn’t think much about it. By the time we were about 3 miles into the run, the sidewalks started getting really icy. We ended up having to shuffle and then finally walk. There’s one busy road to cross and I thought we were going to have to sit on our behinds and scoot across. The road goes downhill and we ended up sliding across it holding hands, hoping the we’d get across before a car came. Once we got back to the Y, I saw on TV that school was 2 hours late. I knew I had no business getting on the road to go home, so I stayed at the Y until 10 am. School ended up being cancelled, so now I’m home. I’ve run, done weights, it’s not even 11 am. Yeah!

Now I have time to do some Christmas things today. I’m going to start by planning a party for the 16th. It’s going to be a soup party. I should be able to get the invites out today. I’ll also sort through what I’ve purchased for gifts and make a list of what is left to buy. I just got an invite for cookie exchange next Saturday and today will give me time to figure out what I’d like to make to share.

I love being home. I am just giddy over getting this unexpected day off!

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