A Great Weekend!

Our tennis tournament weekend was a blast!  Elsie and I won our first match, lost the second, and then won the third.  Since we won the third match, we played for the “losers” championship and won.  We were thrilled!

Mr. SP and Keith ended up winning two matches and losing two matches.  They were playing in the 7.0+ division, so they had some stiff competition.

Friday morning I went to the beach early to catch the sunrise.  I’m glad I did because it was the only time that I saw the beach on our trip.




The tournament was played at two different clubs, Kilmarlic and Duck Country Club.  We headed to Duck CC Friday morning to take a look at the draws.  The organizers of the tournament forgot to include Elsie and I, so we ended up not playing until Saturday.  We played for a bit with Mr. SP and Keith that morning just for fun.

We went for lunch at one of our new favorite places, The Rundown Cafe.  Try it if you go to the OBX!  We ate outside and enjoyed the view of the ocean.  You can see it in the reflection on the mirror.


Mr. SP and Keith played their first match Friday at 2:30 pm, so after lunch we headed back to Duck CC.  The club was all decked out for fall.

I loved these planters by the front door of the club house.


The entrance to the tennis facility also looked festive.



Match time!  Mr. SP and Keith won against two gentlemen wearing, “Old Guys Rule” shirts.  One of them was a court sponsor.  I hope that they won a few of their other matches.


Mr. SP dominating at the net:


Keith giving the guys some of his wicked left hand serve:


Post match – we were happy that the guys started out with a victory!


Saturday morning was cloudy and rainy and the scheduled matches were delayed by two hours.  We spent a little time on the pier to kill time.



You’d better not drop anything on this pier!


Mr. SP and I do a lot of “self portraits” with the camera.  This one turned out pretty well.


We played at different facilities Saturday morning, so no pictures were taken.  The guys played at Corolla Light and lost.  Elsie and I played at Duck CC and won.  We met for lunch at PDX Grill.  You can arrive by boat.  We will definitely do this next summer!


Nicole, Elsie, and I went out on the deck to enjoy the water view.



Elsie and I were so happy to win our first match!


Mr. SP and Keith won their afternoon match in a nail-biting tie-breaker!



Elsie and I lost our match on Saturday afternoon to a most unpleasant pair of women.  Mr. SP and Keith were playing at the time so there are no pictures of the two bitties that we played.

Kilmarlic had festive fall displays.


Elsie and I played two very nice girls on Sunday morning.  We won the first set, lost the second set, and won the tie-breaker.  Whew!  That win was a little too close for comfort!

Elsie and I think that it is important to have cute, coordinating outfits!



Our afternoon match was for the winner of the loser bracket.  We wanted to win!



Our opponents couldn’t have been nicer.  They also must agree that looking cute and matching is important for partners!


Post Match:

Kilmarlic has the coolest cocktail tables.  The lid in the middle lifts and there’s a metal container hidden underneath.  It can be either filled with ice for drinks or it’s a fire pit.  I love these tables.  I’m trying to find a tag on the bottom.


Elsie, Mr. SP, and I had a late lunch on Sunday before heading back to Virginia.  We all wanted to go back to the Rundown Cafe so that we could eat outside.  The weather was perfect!




Every weekend should be this good!!


  1. Wow Paula! You and Mr SP really know how to have fun, don’t you? I’m always in awe of the things you do together. I truly enjoyed all your pictures. My mom and I were just talking today and it looks like our trip to N.C. the end of this month is being put on hold. 🙁 I’m so glad I stopped by to visit you today!


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