Strawberry Jam

Last Saturday my friend invited me over to pick strawberries in his garden.  His garden is huge and is all organically grown.  I picked two plastic Kroger bags full of berries and used them to make jam.  I haven’t been too domestic lately and it felt good to spend a few hours in the kitchen.  I didn’t use a special recipe, just the one included in the pectin package that I bought at the grocery store.  I ended up with a lot of jam- enough for me and plenty to give away as gifts.

A quick Google search for labels led me to a free printable on Tip Junkie.  Adding a cute label and a ribbon adds a special touch to the jam.

I enjoy canning and hope to do more of it this summer. 

I think I’m set for a jam supply for a good while.  I’ll enjoy this on toast and also on my daily school lunch, PBJ.  It will also be nice to have these on hand for a hostess gift or a Christmas gift for a neighbor.

How much work was involved?  I spent a little over an hour picking the berries and then three hours in the kitchen processing three batches of jam.  That’s not so bad, especially since I enjoy doing it.

Do you have any canning plans for the summer?

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  1. iSavor the Weekend says:

    I think I’m “strawberry logged” but these are so adorable and look delicious! I love having strawberry jam on my buttered English muffin – yum!!

  2. Strawberry jam, my dd’s favorite. I’ve not made any this year. I guess I should buy a bucket for jam before they’re gone.

    Love the free labels.

  3. Fabu-licious!

  4. FrouFrouBritches says:

    YUM! I’ve never made jam. I’m supposed to be learning to can this summer IF Hubby’s garden actually puts anything out. Did you have to use a pressure cooker? I’ve never done that before.

    They turned out adorable! Great gift!!!

  5. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    YUM!! I’ve never canned strawberries before, but I bet T would love it. Love how you decorated each jar. 🙂

  6. Designs on 47th Street says:

    Paula, your jam jars look so festive and what a special gift they will make. Love those labels too.

    Canning is something Mr. Brown Socks and I like to do together. Just starting to get strawberries (barely) but don’t know that I’ll have enough to make jam. Love it though!

  7. Life In The Thrifty Lane says:

    Yummy yummy! I love strawberry jam and also how you decorated the jars!

  8. Rebecca says:

    I have some strawberry jam canning to finish up. 🙂 I made it for the first time last summer and am making it a yearly thing.

  9. Georgia Girl says:

    Yummy! Love me some homemade jelly! I made some blackberry a few weeks ago.

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