Hiking Crabtree Falls

Last Tuesday I went on a PE field trip with the 7th grade boys to Crabtree Falls in Montebello, VA.  I was a bit worried about being with only boys for an entire day, but it ended up being the best day of my entire 20 year teaching career.  Crabtree Falls is the  highest vertical-drop cascading falls east of the Mississippi and is not an easy hike.  I heard not one complaint from a single boy the entire day!
If you are ever in Central Virginia and like to hike, this hike is not to be missed.

Not long after the hike starts there’s a rewarding first few of the falls.  The falls tumble down a tall mountain and are quite picturesque and also quite dangerous.  22 people have died as a result of leaving the trail and slipping on the rocks.  You better believe that we watched they boys as they hiked like hawks!
Crabtree Falls18

Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron were in full bloom.
Crabtree Falls16Crabtree Falls17
Crabtree Falls6
Crabtree Falls 17

I am a mountain girl at heart and will never get tired of the beauty of Virginia.  I am so lucky to have all of this practically in my back yard.
Crabtree Falls15
Crabtree Falls14

The boys loved looking at this dead Vulture on a rock.  I am pretty fascinated with gross things, too, and was right there with the boys examining it.  Wonder what killed it and how its body ended up draped over this rock?
Crabtree Falls13

Almost to the top!
Crabtree Falls12

This is the reward after a long hike!  Ahhh!
Crabtree Falls10Crabtree Falls11

We ate a picnic lunch on the rocks looking over the mountains.
Crabtree Falls8

Past the falls is a meadow with a creek perfect for playing.  Quite a few boys ended up in the creek.
Crabtree Falls7

Here I am with my little buddy, Akeil.

Crabtree Falls5

All too soon it was time to start hiking back down the mountain to the bus.  The view going down is just as pretty as the view going up.
Crabtree Falls1Crabtree Falls2

What a fun day!  Most every boy on my bus deemed this “The best field trip ever!” and I totally agreed!

I even made a movie to share!


  1. Such gorgeous pictures Paula. Glad you had a good time and what a great experience for those kids!

  2. Hi Paula, Wow! That looks beautiful! I love waterfalls.. We have some pretty places to hike here in Arkansas not to far from here. Devil’s Den State park is really pretty. I have explored the caves before, but most are closed now because they are dangerous. Thanks for your nice comments on the granite! We love it! Have a great day! Kristen

  3. Paula, that looks like fun. You were a brave soul. We have a place in NC called Stone Mountain State Park that has a climb that sounds similar to yours. The view from the top is well worth it though! Carla

  4. It’s worth every step to get to take in those views. I’m sure the boys will remember this for the rest of their lives.

  5. What a cool field trip! I’m not sure, but I think I might have been there when I was in middle school on a trip with a church youth group. Your pictures were great!!

  6. Paula, I can’t wait to show these pictures to Chris and Will, they finished their hike last summer in Montebello and we keep saying that need to go back
    I’m glad you had such a great day!

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