Brie Recipe

Yesterday I shared how I repurposed a Brie container into a travel jewelry case.  The Brie recipe that I used at Christmas was shared by Biscuits are Never Boring in December.  You can click here to read her post.

This was a big hit with my family and I’d definitely make it again. 

Raspberry Almond Brie

1 (12 ounce) wedge Brie cheese

2 T. seedless red raspberry jam

1 T. Chambord or other raspberry-flavored liqueur

1 1/2 teaspoons packed brown sugar

3 T. sliced almonds

1 T. honey

wafer cookies or gingersnaps – Pepperidge Farm Ginger Family

Slice the Brie in half horizontally. Place the bottom half on a microwave-proof serving plate. In a small bowl, combine the jam and liqueur; spread over the cheese, leaving a 1-inch edge around the side. Top with the remaining half of the cheese. Sprinkle with the brown sugar and the almonds. Drizzle with the honey. Microwave on High (full power) 1 minute, or just until soft. Serve immediately with wafer cookies or gingersnaps.

My Notes:

Make sure you buy a 12 oz Brie.  Mine was smaller and ended up melting completely.  I served this with crackers instead of Gingersnaps. 

I may have to make this for the Super Bowl! 



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