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If you watch HGTV or read a lot of blogs, you know that a ceiling fan is a big decorating no-no.  I know I’d prefer to have a pretty chandelier in my bedroom over my bed, but it is hot here and I like to sleep in comfort, so  a ceiling fan is a must for us.

Tell the truth, do you have ceiling fans in your home?  I know I’m not the only one out there who has one (or more) and really doesn’t want to live without it (or them).

Our old bedroom ceiling fan started to make a lot of noise.  It’s been on every night that we’ve slept in this house and we’ve been married since 1994.  The former owners installed it, so who knows how many years this fan has truly been used.  We looked and looked and couldn’t find one that we both liked (or that I could at least tolerate).

This is our old fan.  I know that some of you are shuddering in horror at the brass.
When Mr. SP took the fan down, he discovered that the former owner of the house had done a little fan update.  The upper portion of the blades show this beautiful pattern.  Can you imagine the ugliness when the fan was new?

This modern fan caught my eye at Home Depot, we both like it, so home with us it came.  It’s certainly more modern that the one we had!

The new fan is very quiet and quite powerful.  We also like that it brightens our room a lot more than the old one did.

Fans may not be stylish, but for us they are a necessity.

So, fess up, do you have one or more?


  1. There are 2 in our house and I’m not changing them. I have thought about taking them down to clean them (I’m sure it hasn’t been done in 28 years!) and possibly spray paint them, but it’s not a high priority. Hang onto them – they’re essential in the south.

  2. We have them in our bedrooms–it is too hot and humid here for chandeliers in the bedroom. So sorry, comfort over design! We used to have one in the kitchen right over the table–it came with the house–and I’m glad that trend is over! Still have one in the sunroom, but it needs to go one of these days. I just haven’t found the right fixture to replace it yet.

  3. Yes, HGTV has been on a tear to destroy the ceiling fan business for several years now. I don’t think they’ve had much success. Everyone I know loves their ceiling fans. And from the looks of Home Depot and Lowe’s and the lighting stores I’ve been in recently, I think it’s universal. I have five in my house. I intend to replace a couple of them this year because they are definately outdated looking. But, I will replace them. I won’t be eliminating them.

  4. I had no idea they are no nos! But I am not very fashionable. We have one in our bedroom and it is essential in the summer. Would never get rid of it!

  5. All I can say is that the HGTV design gurus must not live in the South or they would KNOW that you can’t live without ceiling fans here! lol Happy week!…hugs…Debbie

  6. Paula, we have them in all of our bedrooms and our living room, playroom, movie room, and sunroom. We also have them outside on our front porch! Ten total! You can not live comfortably in the south without them. My home is for my comfort, not a showplace anyway. I love your new fan. Carla

  7. When we built our house we could not afford air conditioning and had ceiling fans put on all the bedrooms for practical reasons. Now that we have air conditioning I have replaced two of them with lights. I have gone back and forth on this issue as I really want to remove the one in my bedroom. The problem is we do use it in the summer.

  8. We sure do have fans…I think about nine of them!:} Some things said on HGTV are just unrealistic, aren’t they?
    Paula, you just made my day yesterday with such a sweet comment you left on my blog.

  9. You and I have talked about this, haven’t we? We proudly have a ceiling fan in every single bedroom in this house. Ceiling fans that I myself chose when we were building the house. Ceiling fans that I most certainly would NOT want to do without.

    Chandeliers are pretty, yes, But human beings sleep better in cool surroundings. And it gets HOT in North Carolina! So I don’t really care if ceiling fans are fashionable or not–they’re staying at my house! 🙂

  10. We live in the hot Arizona desert, so there is no way we would be without our ceiling fans. When we re-painted our family room a few years ago, I didn’t like how my ceiling fan clashed with the new colors, so I painted it.. it turned out great!

  11. Girl, I live in South Louisiana….we have ceiling fans! We have…let me count….2 in the living room, and 1 in each bedroom, so that’s 6 fans total. Oh wait…we also have 2 on the patio. Do those count?

  12. I understand that sometimes a fan is a must! I like your updated version, and think it works much better than the old one.
    Have a great week.

  13. We do have ceiling fans. One of the ones in the kitchen was TURQUOISE when we moved in. Ugh!! We have a new one in the Addition that I like b/c it’s more updated looking, but I don’t care for our older brassy looking ones. I don’t mind ceiling fans b/c they are practical!

  14. I guess I am behind the trends…I didn’t know ceiling fans were a no-no. We live in southwest Missouri and it gets HOT here. We have 6 ceiling fans and I love them…couldn’t imagine spring, summer, and fall without them.

  15. We have one in our bedroom and use it all summer long. We need to put one in our family room, which gets western sun and is a very hot room. I don’t really care that they’re maligned by HGTV! They’re a necessity!

  16. I looove my ceiling fans (all 5)! It gets to 100+ degrees here and they are necessary. We even have one on the back porch.

    I looooove your new fan. It’s very cool (literally and figuratively).

  17. We have a total of 7 in our home. If we didn’t rely on fans, our electric bill would be out of this world (and it’s high enough as it is!)

    We updated our fans last year and boy oh boy what a difference. We got rid of the old brass too and the new ones are so much more efficient. We should have done it years ago.

  18. I don’t have one in my bedroom…or anywhere else in my hosue. I would love one though regardless of what those on decorating blogs or HGTV say. I love them and they are so useful. I love you one you bought, it’s so pretty and fresh looking…good choice Paula!

  19. We have ceiling fans too (3) and for us are a necessity too! I really like the one you got for your bedroom!

  20. I HAVE to have a fan in my bedroom. Otherwise I wake up with a stuffy nose! Love the replacement fan! =) I’m always on the lookout for a sassy one too – mine is modern but since we are renting we are using the fan the house came wtih… which is no bueno. boo! time to move again! haha

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  21. We have one in our kitchen. And I hate it. Not because it is unstylish…but because it’s whirring actually REALLY annoys me!

    And we have central air – so I’m all about being fanless!

    I LOVE your new one though…it’s so pretty!

  22. YES!! We love our ceiling fans. We have one in each of the three bedrooms, one in the kitchen and one in one of the living rooms. Even now that we have central air, we’d still have ceiling fans. Sometimes it’s just too warm for no air moving, but not hot enough to justify turning on the ac. We had the living room turned on during our New Year’s eve party. I know lots of people who sleep all year with their fans on (not us, though).

  23. We still have one in our bedroom too Paula. Even with the AC on our bedroom on the second floor facing the sunset in the west does not cool down without the added fan. Wish I could find something I really like to replace what I have but so far nothing.

  24. We have fans in every bedroom as well as the kitchen. They were already here, but I can’t imagine not having them. I live in Florida after all. There is not one in the living room, not even a light. Just an air vent dead center. So we have a stand alone fan in there.

  25. Yes to the fans in the bedrooms, and also in the gameroom and family room. Cannot imagine not having them, we do have to LIVE in our houses, lol.

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