Thanksgiving Report

I loved having Thanksgiving at my house! Mama and I had so much fun cooking together. The meal was good and the leftovers are rapidly being consumed. I’m going to make stock today with the turkey carcass and we’ll have turkey noodle soup tonight.

It was so nice to have our small family together for the day. We were worried about Mr. SP’s dad, but he survived the day. I know that it was sad for him.

The main event for the day… the turkey!

Mama brought her antique carving set with her. She inherited this from one of my grandmother’s cousins and guesses that it is at least one hundred years old. The knife is super sharp. I love the detail on the handle and on the ends. We always use this set at Thanksgiving.

I decided to serve the food buffet style. I had planned to pass the dishes, but some of them were really hot, so this was was easier.

Mama waits her turn. Isn’t she young looking? She’s 63 and single if anyone knows of an eligible nice man. (She will kill me if she sees that I typed that!!)

I love how Reese popped into this picture!

Mr. SP and his dad:

Reese loves to play with my old Barbies and her favorite activity is to have a Barbie fashion show. Doesn’t every family have a Barbie fashion show at the Thanksgiving table?? If you are a child of the 70’s, then you might remember some of these Barbies or their outfits.

Mama and Reese prepare their Barbies for judging:

Do your remember Ballerina Barbie?

Rich eyes Barbie’s negligee…It was a bit revealing which scored Mama bonus points on this round.

Reese won by two points!

It was a good day spent with family.

Mr. SP, Rich, Mama and I went to her house yesterday so that the guys could work on the stove. After much labor, the oven was pronounced officially dead.

No Black Friday shopping for me other than on-line. I have done very little shopping, so I’d better get on it. The rest of this weekend is going to be spent either cleaning or decorating for Christmas. We are leaving for a ski trip on the 15th (we think), so I need to get the decorating done now so that we will have a little time to enjoy it.


  1. I HAD that Barbie pink evening gown!! Too funny! Such a nice carving set. I know you missed having those loved ones that are no longer here. I hope that your husband and FIL made the day okay and it’s getting easier for them.

  2. Sounds like a great day. Love the antique carving set. What I really love is your stove. Is it a Viking? I’m in the market for a new one, but unsure what I will purchase.


  3. Hi Paula, Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m new to blogging as well so maybe we can keep each other company. LOL! Come by anytime. Warmly,Melissa 🙂

  4. Don’t you just love a nice family day? Yours sounds perfect, Barbie and all!
    Yes, your mother looks very young..tell her I said so. She is so pretty. Wow, do I love that carving set.
    Seeing Rich just breaks my heart. I’m so sorry for all the sadness your family is going through right now.

  5. Paula, your Thanksgiving day sounds and looks wonderful. I love your mom’s carving set. And Mr. SP’s dad just makes me want to come through my computer and hug him.

  6. Your Thanksgiving Day looks and sounds wonderful. I love your mom’s carving set. Beautiful! And, Mr. SP’s dad just makes me want to come through my computer and hug him.

  7. Wow, that turkey carving set is so in awe with it. Your mother must treasure this item.
    Happy Holidays,

  8. LOVED your Thanksgiving report and it looks like a wonderful day with family. Reese is so so cute and the picture of her with her Barbies is memorable! Your Mama is pretty and young looking – I hope she mets a nice guy to take her to dinner and spend some time together.

    I’ve been in love with your stove from the first picture you posted of it. The antique carving set is a treasure!!!

    Hugs to Rich and his dad.

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