This Weekend’s Thrifted and Yard Sale Treasures

It’s been a while since I’ve an opportunity to browse through a thrift store or stop at a yard sale.  This weekend I did both and found a few treasures to bring home.

This white footed compote was $5.00 at a yard sale.  Filled with Hydrangeas, it makes a beautiful centerpiece for my kitchen table.

The base of the compote has a pretty fruit pattern.

Milk Glass Footed Compote

Milk Glass Footed Compote Detail

What’s not to love about Hydrangeas? 
Hydrangeas in Milk Glass Bowl

This green pierced glass compote was found at the same yard sale for the bargain price of $3.00.
Green Glass CompoteGreen Glass Compote2

I love the decorative edge of this piece.
Green Glass Compote3

I’ve been collecting old tennis rackets for a while now for a future display.  This Billy Jean King Wimbledon racket makes six for my collection.  I got it for $2.00 in a church thrift store.
Billy Jean King Wooden Tennis Racket
Billy Jean King Wimbledon Tennis Racket

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  1. Nice treasures that you found! Love the tennis rackets! I am on the hunt for a vintage croquet set!!!

  2. Paula, I had that very same racquet when I was a kid!!! I took a few lessons, but I was a swimmer and dancer, so I never took the time to improve my game.

    Your compotes are truly great finds! I love your hydrangeas in the white one! *pretty*


  3. I really like the white compote dish and I love that it has the embossed fruit design on it. I have a few serving pieces that look very similar to your dish and I would love to be so lucky as you to find something like that! The flowers are perfect in it!

  4. The hydrangeas look lovely, I bet they smell delightful! Great finds too, I love to go Thrifting (by myself….)

  5. Hi Paula! Oh, I’m drooling over your hydrangeas and they especially look pretty in that gorgeous bowl you found. My grandmother had something similar to your green piece you found.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  6. I think that Billie Jean King model might have been my first racket. I can’t wait to see the display you come up with.

  7. What fabulous finds. I love what the hydrangea’s are in… it definitely adds a touch of chic to the house. xo

  8. I adore your white & green compotes! Great bargain prices!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment!


  9. You did really good! I never find good things at yard sales. That’s why I prefer Goodwill. I love that green vase…beautiful!

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