Latest Vintage Finds

I am at the stage in life where I do not need to buy more vintage but I can’t help myself when I see something that I really like.  Today I’m sharing my Latest Vintage Finds.

Latest Vintage Finds

The best way to avoid buying vintage is to not shop for it.  I’ve been very good lately about not buying new things but a few recent stops at a yard sale, a consignment shop and an antique store yielded treasures that I couldn’t resist buying.Latest Vintage Finds

Consignment Shop Find

When we were on vacation in Vermont earlier this month,  I went into a consignment shop in Woodstock while Mr. SP and Sherman browsed in a bookstore.

When I saw this duck chromolithograph, I couldn’t stop looking at it.  I walked away from it a few times and then I decided that it would look great in our lake house, so I purchased it for $80.Alexander Pope, Jr chromolithograph

The artist is Alexander Pope, Jr. (1849-1924).  I can’t tell if this is a print or an original.  What do you think?

Framed prints of his work sell on eBay for $350 and up and the frames aren’t nearly as beautiful as this one.Alexander Pope, Jr chromolithograph

I think that this was a great purchase and well worth $80.

Yard Sale Finds

I hardly ever go to a yard sale, but when I saw one at the Tuck Farm in Bedford, I had to stop because a previous yard sale there was a jackpot of vintage goodness.

This yard sale did not disappoint!  The homeowners, Violet and Flay, are the sweetest people and like when I stopped at a previous sale, they were fun to talk to.

Violet was selling some of her things along with things that belonged to her great-aunt.  ALL of what I’m sharing below was purchased for $20.  Violet wanted it TO GO and I didn’t mind helping her out.

Mill Painting

This mill painting immediately caught my eye at the yard sale.  Not only did I like the painting, I also loved the frame.M. M. Thomas painting of a mill

This piece is signed, M. M. Thomas.  I haven’t been able to find out any information on this artist.M. M. Thomas Painting of a Mill

I feel almost guilty typing what I paid for this piece.  $5.00!

Key Farm Photograph

The next thing that caught my eye at the yard sale was this framed photograph of the Key Farm located at the base of the Peaks of Otter in Bedford, VA.Photograph of the Key Farm with Sharp Top and Flat Top of the Peaks of Otter in the background.

The mountain on the left is Sharp Top (see mountain top views in this post) and the mountain on the right is Flat Top.  The Blue Ridge Parkway meanders through this area.

We used to ride our bikes both along the parkway and on Bedford County country road with views like this.  I also used to run in the mountains and one run was to the top of Flat Top. 

I couldn’t resist buying this framed photograph since I grew up with cows and this photograph is shot in a place where I have fond memories.

Price – $5.00

Framed Mirror

The next item that I discovered that Violet had for sale was a beautiful old framed mirror that belonged to Violet’s great-aunt.  

Did I need this?  No!  But I had to give this beauty a loving home.  Hopefully I can use it in our lake house basement.Antique Mirror with detailed frame

The frame has really pretty detail.Antique Mirror with Detailed Frame

Price – $6

Vintage Christmas Books

My next purchase was two 1963 Christmas books.  I bought these to use for Christmas decor and I think they’ll make a great base for a vignette.1963 The LIFE Book of Christmas Volume Three The Merriment of Christmas and Volume Four The Pageantry of Chrismtas

I’m going to enjoy looking through these books.  I think that this 1963 craft is adorable.  There are directions for making each thing in the back of the book.Page from 1963 The LIFE Book of Christmas Volume Three The Merriment of Christmas

Here’s a mid-century version of The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Page from 1963 The LIFE Book of Christmas Volume Three The Merriment of Christmas

Brass Apple Bell

The last thing that I found at the yard sale was a brass apple bell.  I decorated with an apple theme for summer to fall transitional decor and if I do something similar next year, this will be a nice addition to a vignette.Vintage Brass Apple Bell

Price for books and bell – $4

Vermont Antique Shop Find

While I was in Vermont, I was on a mission to find a deer figurine to use for decorating Mr. SP’s desk using a picture from Pinterest as my inspiration.  

I got really lucky and found an Avon 10-point buck aftershave bottle in the first antique store that we visited.  It was marked $5 but I got it for $4.Avon 10 Point Buck After Shave Bottle with Vintage Books

Vintage Card Table

This vintage card table belonged to my great-aunt who lived in my mother’s 1913 home for many years.  She kept it propped up in front of a non working fireplace in the parlor.

Being a horse girl, I always loved it because of the hunt scene printed on the top of the table.Antique Card Table with Fox Hunt Scene

One of my cousins sold this to my mom who gave it to me.  I’m hoping to hang it somewhere.

Do  you see the box of Bittersweet in the background?  My cousin cut this for me and I can’t wait to share with you how I used it for decorating my living room for Thanksgiving.  Be on the lookout for that post at the beginning of November.Antique Card Table with Fox Hunt Scene

Sherman helped when I took pictures of my vintage things.  He loves to be outside and if I’m working in the yard or doing anything outdoors, he joins me.Antique Card Table with Fox Hunt Scene


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Latest Vintage Finds

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest vintage finds!  

I’ll be back on Friday with my November Stitch Fix review.


  1. Love the duck chromolithograph – colors are still vibrant – and that birdseye maple frame has a very rich look! Definitely worth the $80 spent. Neat books for Christmas also.
    Love all your vintage finds. I’ve been photographing some of mine lately also, and need to get a post together. I hadn’t shopped much at this year due to our downsize, but fall has been good, with several estate sales and a trip with my Panoply sisters.

  2. Love all your finds. I, too, “need” nothing else….but if I come across vintage at a great price I can’t resist!!!
    I LOVE it all and love to be surrounded by it.

  3. Great finds for sure I love the frame on Alexander Pope’s painting of the ducks and those Christmas books I am swooning over!
    Have a great week.
    Happy Halloween,

  4. Wow Paula, you really found some great things. I love looking through thrift and consignment stores for vintage treasures.

  5. Your great aunt’s card table is fabulous! I used to have an American Foxhound, so I’m partial to hunt scene artwork too. It always reminds me of my dear Max!

    1. Awww! My granddad had foxhounds that he used for fox hunting but not with horses, his version was with his pick-up truck. I have loved hunt scenes from a young age.


  6. Your new apple looks just like the one I received when I was honored as my Virginia school’s Teacher of the Year in 2008. I treasure mine and you would NEVER find it at a yard sale! LOL

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