Last night I was busy in my basement working on a Christmas craft thinking that I’d never finish and wondering how I’d find time to get the entire house decorated for the Christmas season when I received a call that made me realize that it really doesn’t matter if I ever finish. 

My childhood friend’s youngest son, age 7, was accidentally killed yesterday by his brother while hunting.  They were with their father, the child saw a deer, got excited,and ran into the line of fire.  I lost my only sibling to a hunting accident eight years ago and the memories of the horror of his accident came flooding back.  Of course I’ve thought about my friend and her family non-stop since receiving the call.  They are such good people and don’t deserve this.

Today I’ll go about my normal routine but I won’t stop thinking about my friend and the precious child that she lost.


  1. I heard about this accident this morning on TV. I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with this family and with you.

  2. Paula, I just can’t think of any harder news to take. Just breaks my heart. I am so sorry and will pray for this family. Praying for your family too as it brings back thoughts of your brother.


  3. How awful for that family!! I can’t imagine what the poor brother must be feeling. 🙁 I hate how quickly bad news and heartbreak can enter our lives. I understand how decorating a wreath must seem so trivial to you today. 🙁

  4. I will be praying for this family and for you, Paula. This is so very sad. Life doesn’t seem fair at times.

  5. This is so terribly sad Paula and the memories must hurt a lot. I’ll be saying a prayer for you and the family of the little boy.


  6. So sorry to hear about your friend’s child. I know that they are hurting deeply. My prayers are with them. Carla

  7. Paula I have been following this story and it really hit home for me. My kids ages 8 and 11 hunt regularly….so sorry for the family and the pain you are going through.

  8. This post just stopped me in my tracks. I am so sorry to hear of your friend’s loss. And I’m sure it brings back so many memories for you and your mom–what a tragedy! One of my dearest friends lost one of his two sons in a hunting accident several years ago. Accidents are just so hard to take, aren’t they? So random–so unfair. We all take our safety for granted way too often.

    Bless you as you minister to your friend.

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