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How to Make a Magnolia Wreath for Christmas

I love making wreaths, especially wreaths for Christmas. Today I’m sharing how to make a Magnolia wreath to display on a door, over your mantel, or on a porch wall.

I’m actually going to show you not one, but two ways to make a Magnolia wreath!

Magnolia Wreath with added greenery and holly

I’m sharing my Magnolia wreath tutorials as part of a Celebrate Christmas Blog Hop hosted by Leen of Sand Dollar Lane.

Please keep Leen in your thoughts and prayers as she lost her mother this week and wasn’t able to share a Christmas tour this year. I also want to thank Amy of Atta Girl Says for jumping in to assist Leen. Without Amy, this tour wouldn’t have happened this year.

How to Make a Magnolia Wreath for Christmas

Every Thanksgiving, we go to my mom’s house and I spend the night with her. Then the next day we come to my house to make Christmas wreaths. It’s a fun tradition that we both love.

This year I was honestly worn out from Christmas decorating and I didn’t make a wreath, I just kept my mom company while she made a Magnolia wreath to hang on the door of her 1912 home.

Gather Supplies to Make the Magnolia Wreath

To make the Magnolia wreath, we first gathered the supplies that Mama wanted to use.

There was no need to shop for supplies, everything that Mama needed to make her wreath was either in my basement or in my yard.

Mama clipped a tote full of Magnolia branches and as she worked, it wasn’t enough, so I clipped more for her.

She also clipped greenery from my Japanese Cryptomeria and Green Giant Arborvitae. For a pop of color, we clipped Winterberry Holly but ended up not using it and we used regular Holly instead.

Supplies to make a Magnolia wreath for Christmas

Making the Magnolia Wreath

When Mr. SP purchased our home, it had a huge model railroad in the basement. He left it in place for years and then eventually tore it apart because we needed the work space.

The railroad base included drawers and cabinets and he used all of them to make multiple workbenches in our basement. Mama worked on one workbench that is located in the middle of the room. I love crafting on this workbench!

We spread out her supplies and she got to work. Note that there is wire in the picture because that is what I thought she would use but she preferred to use fern pins instead.

Supplies to make a Chrismas Magnolia wreath

If you don’t know what a Fern pin is, it pins greenery to a straw wreath to hold it in place.

Since the wreath form that Mama used had been used before by me, it already had a wreath hanger attached to it. When using a new wreath form, make a hanger using floral wire before adding greenery to the wreath.

Mama started by pinning Magnolia to the outside of the wreath.

Magnolia pinned to a straw wreath form

For Mama’s method, it is best to clip pieces of Magnolia from the tips of branches.

Here you can see a Fern pin holding a stem of Magnolia in place.

Magnolia stem pinned on a straw wreath form

Along with Magnolia, she added pieces of both Arborvitae and Cryptomeria. When we clipped the Cryptomeria, we made sure to clip pieces with the small and pretty cones.

Greenery pinned to a straw wreath form

Here is Mama working away on her wreath.

Making a Magnolia wreath in a basement

After the wreath was covered in Magnolia and evergreen clippings, we took it outside to see how it looked hanging up. My hose holder made a great temporary wreath holder.

Magnolia wreath with evergreens

Mama then tried to add sprigs of Winterberry Holly to the wreath but it didn’t look right, so we headed out to the yard to cut some regular Holly which worked perfectly.

Handmade Magnolia with with Holly and extra evergreens

Hang the Magnolia Wreath

We put Mama’s wreath on my front door to admire it and I snapped a few pictures of it.

Christmas Magnolia wreath with added Holly and evergreens

Here Mama is holding her wreath before putting it in her car to take home.

Christmas Magnolia wreath with added Holly and evergreens

And here it is hanging on the front door of her 1912 home.

Magnolia Wreath on a black front door

You can see some recent pictures of her Walnut Avenue historic home in this post and these posts chronical the restoration of her home.

Second Method to Make a Magnolia Wreath

Another method to make a Magnolia wreath is to use a wire wreath form. This is the method that I prefer.

Cut end pieces of Magnolia that look pretty.  Bypass any that don’t have a full set of leaves or those with holes in the leaves.

Pull off the bottom few leaves so that there is an area of exposed stem.

Cut piece of Magnolia

Attach a paddle of floral wire to the wire wreath form. (I prefer the 18″ size.)

Floral wire attached to a wire wreath form

Then wire Magnolia to the form one bunch at a time.  Be sure to wrap the wire around the form several times to hold the stem in place.  In the picture below, I have added four stems of Magnolia to the wreath form.

How to Make a Magnolia Wreath using a wire wreath form

Continue adding Magnolia until the wreath is full.

Handmade Magnolia wreath

Gosh, I do love a Magnolia wreath! I actually made this Magnolia wreath a few Septembers ago and decorated it for fall.

Handmade Magnolia wreath decorated with fall florals

Handmade Magnolia wreaths do dry out but can still be enjoyed. The leaf color fades with age and the leaves become brittle.

Spraying the wreath with this product after making it helps the wreath to last longer.

If you like the look of a Magnolia wreath but don’t want to make one, you can always buy a preserved Magnolia wreath.

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  2. Can I just say “YAAAY” on your cancer news!!! What a wonderful gift for Christmas…I am truly happy for you and your family on this news! AND, I love the magnolia wreath your Mom made…beautiful!! Continuing prayers for your health….

  3. Paula this wreath is gorgeous. I love it when you can use natural anything to decorate and your mom’s magnolia wreath does not disappoint. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and can enjoy your time with your family.

  4. What an absolutely stunning Christmas wreath! Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial with us, Paula. Merry Christmas to you!

  5. They are both beautiful, Paula. I can tell you and your mom both got your Grandma’s floral arranging skills! I wish we could grow magnolia here:( Buying the wreaths here is pricey. What a fun week for you to be on 2 holiday blog tours! I want to look at all of these, too!

  6. First things first- What wonderful news about your health. Love mom’s wreath, so full. If someone is unfamiliar with fern pins, now they are called “greening pins” They are in Walmart as well as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s

  7. Paula what a fun tradition you have with your mom! I can see where you get your talent from. Her wreath is just gorgeous. I just recently had some real magnolia leaves and they were so much fun to work with. Thanks for the inspiration. I pinned this for next year! Merry Christmas!

  8. Being able to see the process of your lovely magnolia wreath is inspiring, Paula. Your momma is so talented.
    I particularly like that both sides of the leaves are featured. For added texture and color.
    Also, being able to read about your mom’s home is fascinating! I love visiting your blog and leaving b

  9. Wow! That wreath is striking, really beautiful. Crafting with your mom sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I’ve been wanting to get some magnolia leaves so thank you for the how-to, can’t wait to make it. Merry Christmas to you!

  10. I love a magnolia wreath. We used to have a magnolia tree in our old house growing up. What I wouldn’t give to have access to it now for clippings. I love both of your wreaths. Your mom’s looks so pretty hanging on her door. Love the addition of berries and evergreen clippings.

  11. I love that you and your mom make wreaths and beautiful memories together. It is such a sweet tradition! The magnolia wreaths are lovely and so inspiring! Merry Christmas, Paula!

  12. Thank you for the inspiring posts you have shared on our Blogger’s Pit Stop. We are looking forward to you sharing more next year starting January 8th.
    I am also praying for your health and medicine supply as you continue your ‘march.’
    May the Lord greatly bless and encourage you and that you can have a wonderful Christmas Time.

  13. Paula, I love how you and your mom make wreaths together! Your two magnolia wreaths are beautiful. I wish we had magnolia trees in Connecticut. We have rhododendrons, which look somewhat similar. The wreath looks so lovely on the front door of your mom’s 1912 home! Thanks for the great tutorial. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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