Touring Little Bighorn + More

We are having so much fun on our road trip out west. If you missed parts one and two of our trip, you can catch up here.

Bozeman, Montana

We really enjoyed walking around Bozeman.

Mural in Bozeman, Montana

This beautiful mural was too pretty not to photograph.

Mural in Bozeman, Montana

We also enjoyed walking around the campus of Montana State University.

Dog poses with Montana State University Bobcat Statue

The campus has some beautiful old buildings.

Building on the campus of Montana State University

Sherman’s favorite part of campus was the duck pond.

Montana State University Duck Pond

This was a great spot to get a drink of water.

Montana State University Duck Pond

Big Timber

Our next stop was Big Timber where we enjoyed a walk in Dornix Park.

Hiking in Dornix Park in Big Timber, Montana

Montana is such a gorgeous state.

Hiking in Dornix Park in Big Timber, Montana

The riverside trail was so pretty.

River in Big Timber, Montana

I spent my childhood building tepees and pretending to be an Indian, so I especially enjoyed seeing this tepee along the trail.

Dog in a tepee

Shiloh Sharps

Our next stop was Shiloh Sharps Rifle where accurate modern reproductions of vintage Sharps rifles are made.

Visiting Shiloh Sharps Rifle in Big Timber, Montana

Mr. SP ordered an 1874 Sportster that will be ready in about 22 months.

Rifles on display at Shiloh Shiloh Sharps Rifles in Big Timber, MT

Little Bighorn

Our next stop was the Little Bighorn National Battlefield.

The scattered white markers on the “last stand” hillside mark the place where soldiers had fallen. General Custer was included in this group. Other soldiers’ markers are scattered along about a mile of the running battle where they fell. It is a very somber site to see the markers alone, or in small groups across the fields.

Little Bighorn Battlefield

There is a national cemetery on the site below the hillside where the “last stand” took place.

Graves at Little Bighorn battlefield

The soldiers were moved to a mass grave marked by this memorial.

Monument at Little Bighorn Battlefield

A memorial to the Native American warriors is nearby. It was erected by the Native American tribes relatively recently. It has reconciliatory aspects with the soldiers’ monument.

Little Bighorn Battlefield

It was later discovered that the fallen horses were also buried on the site, This monument marks the site of the mass grave of the fallen horses.

Marker at Little Bighorn Battlefield

The fallen of the Native American warriors appear in red marble. These are also scattered along the route of the running battle. These markers were added long after the battle and are placed in approximate position based upon eyewitness written and verbal accounts.

Gravestones at Little Bighorn Battlefield

We so much enjoyed touring this battlefield.

Be on the lookout for my next post where I will share a tour of the Agate Fossil Beds in Nebraska.


  1. It looks like you had an amazing time Paula, and the photos are beautiful. I was in Montana once for a work trip up near Glacier National Park. I couldn’t get over the stunning scenery. I’ve always said I want to go back some day when I have more time to be a tourist!

  2. Great pics and information! Such a beautiful part of our Country! We have just recently talked about going on a road trip to Montana. we did Nevada almost to Utah last year…all along the Northern wagon trail route 80. Maybe next year.. it’s a little cold there now.


    1. I would like to visit Nevada and Utah in the future. I have been dressed like it is the dead of winter for most of this trip. I don’t think I could tolerate living out west in the winter.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful Paula. And the pics with Sherman are the best!! Sherman on vacation out west- so funny and sweet!

  4. It’s so great that you’re getting to see this beautiful part of the country. I haven’t spent a ton of time in Montana, but I’ve really enjoyed the times I’ve visited. Thanks for the great photos and history. I look forward to hearing about the rest of your trip!

  5. Sounds like a really interesting trip. The peaceful surroundings and all the beautiful colours of fall are making me relax just reading your blog and seeing the pictures! Hope you are feeling well! Take care! Sandra

    1. I’m enjoying your trio with you through your posts. You always share pretty and great information.

      Sherman looks like he’s having a great trip too!

  6. Oh, I’ve enjoyed going along with you on you trip to Montana! What a beautiful state. My hubby and I took a little RV trip there last year and the Dakotas and were amazed at the beauty and buffaloes! Be safe and you travel along.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  7. So many of these places are on our list for one of these days. We love driving through college campuses for the buildings too.

  8. I’m really enjoying your posts, Paula! I’ve never been to Montana – would love to get there someday. The campus looks beautiful. So much history to appreciate in all of your stops.

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