Vintage Wood Stirrup Napkin Holder

When I was a child both my mom and aunt used vintage wood stirrups as napkin holders.

Vintage Wood Stirrup Napkin Holder

My mom’s napkin holder is now in the kitchen at the lake.

Earlier this summer, Lakelyn, one of my former students, was visiting me and complimented me on my napkin holder.

Knowing that I had three wood stirrups from my grandfather’s shed in my basement, I promised to make a napkin holder for both Lakelyn and her sister, Kristin, who I also taught.

How to Make a Wood Stirrup Napkin Holder

My stirrups came from my grandfather’s shed. For some reason, he brought them home from the family farm in Maryland. Why I have no idea because he definitely didn’t ride horses.

Vintage Wood Stirrup

Stirrups for Sale

The first thing that I did was give the stirrup a good cleaning, then I applied Tung Oil.

Vintage Wood Stirrup Napkin Holder

The Tung Oil really brings out the grain of the wood.

Vintage Wood Stirrup Napkin Holder

The last step was to seal the wood with polyurethane.

This stirrup is now holding napkins in my kitchen.

Vintage Wood Stirrup Napkin Holder

I can’t wait to give Lakelyn and Kristin their napkin holders. Kristin is building a house and I hope she enjoys using her napkin holder in her new home.


  1. That is adorable! I have my one stirrup sitting in my living room and haven’t figured out what I want to do with it yet. It will come to me. I really love what the tung oil did for yours. It really makes it stand out. I’m adding a large cabinet that will be a bar to my living room. I thought this would be cute as a towel holder for the bar but again, I’m not sure yet. Anyway, well done!

  2. Hi

    I would love to make the stirrup napkin holder, but have no idea where or how to purchase one and the ideal size (assuming there are different sizes)

    Do you have any suggestions?

    I have 4 daughters and think they would love them

    1. Under the picture of the stirrup before I cleaned it, there is a picture with arrows on either side that you can scroll through. These are stirrups for sale on Etsy. I would love to see the stirrup napkin holders that you make for your daughter.

  3. Love this napkin holder you made from an antique stirrup! It’s very ‘you’! For a minute there, I couldn’t figure out where the kitchen picture was taken! Lakehouse! Love it!

  4. I had never seen a wooden stirrup; my daughter has always loved horses and I will now keep any eye open for one. I thought fingertip towel holder; I once used a glass banana boat on my bathrooom sink! Have never used tung oil before either; very informative post!

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