Angel Themed Christmas Table

Earlier this week I shared my Christmas table centerpiece and today I’m sharing the rest of my Christmas table.

I decorated my table with an angel theme and I love the end result.

Angel Themed Christmas Table

I’ve teamed up with two vintage-loving friends who are also sharing their vintage-inspired Christmas tables. You’ll find links to their tables at the end of this post.

Angel Themed Christmas Table

My Christmas table is set in our dining room. One of my great-grandmother’s chairs is pulled out, ready for you to take a seat.

Dining room decorated for Christmas with a Christmas tablescape

Most of the furniture in my dining room is oak which is currently not in fashion, but I like it. The buffet and china cabinet aren’t family pieces but the chairs and table are.

My grandfather bought the table at an auction in the 70s and refinished it for my parents. Mama gave it to me when my paternal grandmother died and she inherited Granny’s dining room set.

The painted tray always hung over my grandmother’s refrigerator. It was a Christmas gift, painted by her cousin’s wife. If you like my tray, you’ll like this one and also this one. My cousin recently gave me a painted tray and I’m hoping to hang it in a bedroom at the lake. I love painted trays!

The china in the china cabinet is my wedding china, Lenox Autumn. The glass pieces in the cabinet are pieces that belonged to my grandmother and great-great-aunt.

Christmas tablescape with an angel theme

I created the table centerpiece using a florist centerpiece that I saved from a few years ago. You can see how I made the centerpiece in this post.

Christmas centerpiece with greenery, Holly, pinecones, twigs, and white ribbon trimmed with gold

Now let’s look at all of the table details!

Vintage Felt and Sequin Angel Napkin Rings

The idea to create an angel themed Christmas table started with a set of angel napkin rings that my paternal grandmother made in the 1970s.

I inherited these when my grandmother moved into a retirement home.

Handmade 1970s felt and sequin angel napkin holder

Granny made a set of eight napkin rings. Crafts like this were very popular in the 70s. She also made our family a felt and sequin Christmas tree skirt that I love to use every Christmas and tree ornaments from the same type of kit.

I can imagine that each angel took a bit of time to create.

Handmade 1970s felt and sequin angel napkin holder

The angel napkin rings were made using this Bucilla Christmas needlework kit.

Bucilla Christmas Needlework Kit Set of 8 Jeweled Angel Holiday Napkin Rings

The back of the sheet has the directions to make the angels.

Bucilla Christmas Needlework Kit Set of 8 Jeweled Angel Holiday Napkin Rings Directions

Granny stored the angel napkin rings in a Miller and Rhoades box. Miller and Rhoades was a Virginia department store chain that sadly closed forever in 1990.

Miller & Rhoads Box

If you are a Virginian, you probably remember Miller & Rhoades fondly.

Miller & Rhoads Logo

Musical Angel Ornaments

To go along with the angel napkin rings, I placed a musical angel ornament above each place setting.

Christmas place setting with vintage silver, a gold charger and white plate, napkin with a vintage 1970s angel napkin holder and a vintage musical angel ornament

My friend and former teaching assistant gave me a box of vintage musical angel ornaments last year. These angels were perfect to use for my Christmas table.

Handmade 1970s felt and sequin angel napkin holder

I love how the gold angels coordinate with the gold in the angel napkin holders.

The square candle holders are from the Dollar Store and hold Epsom salt and white votives. Their original use was for this candle holder that I made a few years ago and still enjoy using. You can see it on my dining table in this year’s Christmas home tour.

Vintage tiny musical angel Christmas ornament used on a Christmas table

Becky also gave me the vintage 1970s Christmas ornaments that I used on my porch Christmas tree last year.

I love these angel ornaments and if you do as well, I found a set for sale on Etsy. This set of six angels is made by the same manufacturer but they are larger and more colorful.

Vintage Golden Musical Angel Decorations

The Place Settings

The table is set with my great-great-aunt’s silver, crystal inherited from the same great-great-aunt and my grandmother, and Walmart plates and Dollar Store chargers.

Christmas table set with vintage silver, vintage 1970s angels, vintage Rocksharp Villars crystal, lighted candles, and a Christmas centerpiece

I don’t know the silver’s pattern but I do know that my great-great-uncle gave it to my great-great-aunt as a Christmas present. (This couple raised my grandmother.)

Silver in a box with a gift card from the 1940s

The forks with the S engraved on them aren’t part of the set. I found them along with knives in a fishing tackle box that belonged to my husband’s grandfather. They were very dull and when I polished them with silver polish, I discovered a treasure!

The Crystal

My great-great-aunt’s crystal pattern is Rocksharpe 1004-2 (Polished Cut). When my grandmother got married, she decided that she wanted the same pattern.

She couldn’t find Rocksharpe 1004-2 but chose a similar pattern, Rocksharpe Villars.

The glass that looks like a wine glass is a water goblet and the other glass is for iced tea.

Rocksharp Villars crystal ice tea and water glasses on a Christmas table

The Tablecloth

When I first began to set my table, I started with placemats that belonged to my grandmother. It didn’t looks right, so I crawled into my attic (we live in a Cape Cod with tiny attic space under the eaves) to retrieve a bag of tableclothes that my mom gave me that she used when my table was hers.

I found this tablecloth that I fondly remember being on the table when Mama made a special meal for a holiday.

When an additional leaf is in the table, this tablecloth fits correctly. It’s too long on the ends now but I don’t mind. I love its 1970s fringe!

Dining room decorated for Christmas with a Christmas tablescape

Want to know a secret? This tablecloth was used many times and has a few stains. The musical angel ornaments were perfect to use to hide a few stains.

Christmas place setting with vintage silver, a gold charger and white plate, napkin with a vintage 1970s angel napkin holder and a vintage musical angel ornament

I so much enjoyed sharing my Christmas table with you! I know you are going to enjoy seeing the tables that Laurie and Lora are sharing.

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Enjoy Lora and Laurie’s Christmas Tables

Be sure to see the tables that Lora and Laurie are sharing today. Click on the links below the pictures to visit.

I had so much fun looking on Etsy for Vintage Bucilla Kits like my grandmother used. Aren’t these kits charming?


  1. Thank you so much for continuing to display and use your oak dining room pieces. My oak china and my sideboard belonged to my grandmother, and my round table came from my grandmother’s extended family.. My side pieces came with a very long rectangular table that was sold outside the family, but none of us had room for it and I love my round one better. I wish you good health and a Merry Christmas.

  2. Just beautiful, Paula! As always I completely adore the stories you tell with each piece, they are all so precious and it’s one of my favourite things about visiting you here! Your table is set beautifully, I love how calming it is. The oak is going to make a come back, I can feel it! 😉

    1. Thank you, Laurie! I’m so lucky to have so much inherited decor to use. It gives me great pleasure to use these things and to share them on my blog. Lora says oak is making a comeback, I hope so!


  3. Love your angel theme table all decked out with vintage and gold; so pretty. The angel napkin rings are precious; that 70’s felt stuff is so fun! Your crystal goblets are amazing; what an intricate pattern. I’d be scared to use them, I think;) And don’t worry about the oak…I already heard it’s on it’s way back; it all comes back around! It’s classic. Merry Christmas, friend!

    1. Thank you, Lora! I really enjoyed putting this table together. I’m glad that oak is on its way back. A lot of people will be stripping oak that was painted during the “paint every piece of furniture white” time period.


  4. So beautiful, Paula! I love your oak furniture…so lovely in the space! The golden angel theme is lovely! It is so wonderful to have pieces with family memories…the glassware is exquisite! Merry Christmas!

  5. This is one of the loviest strolls down Christmas memory lane I’ve enjoyed this season. Thank you. Your home and styling are so great, and I still love oak too🙂 and was a young wife and mom in the 70s doing all those type handcrafted items you shared. Sweet times. You’re blessed to have such a rich heritage and women in earlier generations who cared for and saved beautiful things. Nice that you and your sister are continuing to be the keepers so many treasures.

  6. Paula, what a beautiful tribute to your Grandmother and many other family members whose hands and spirit fill your dining room. What a gift! I absolutely love your angel napkin rings and am inspired to try something along those lines with my children. Thank you for sharing these traditions and your family history. Merry Christmas! jen

  7. Oh my goodness, this looks so beautiful. I love that you have wooden furniture, in a few years it will be the height of fashion again and everyone who painted theirs will be stripping it again!
    I also agree that a well placed ornament can cover all manner of splodges on a cloth. There is something really special about using stuff that has a bit of history. Really beautiful, I hope you had a gorgeous day.

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