Walnut Avenue Sunday

Can you believe that today was my first visit to Walnut Avenue since Christmas?  Time sure does fly by quickly.  Today we got together to celebrate my niece’s December 29 birthday.  (Better late than never!)  It was great to spend the afternoon with family.  Mama made Reese a most delicious cake.  Reese is growing up fast, she’s now eleven!

Mama doesn’t believe in cake mixes.  I don’t know what recipe she used, but this cake was so very good.  Mama’s cake decorating supplies are still packed away, so she decorated the cake with jelly beans.  I love the fun colors!

I’m taking a two session photography class at our local community college and the assignment this for this week was to take pictures using various settings on the camera.  I realized today that I had yet to take a single picture, so I took bunches while I visited with Mama.  (The first session of the class was a bit disappointing and I hope that tomorrow night’s session will be better.) 

This is Mama’s parlor.  The secretary belonged to my Great-Aunt Fanny and is my favorite piece of all of Mama’s antiques.  My grandmother did all of the press flower pictures.  The one hanging to the left of the window on the top is really a tray and it won a national prize! 


Mama’s chocolate set was found in an antique shop in Annapolis.  The child’s tea set was my grandmother’s.  The dish on the bottom shelf belonged to my great grandmother and is one of my mom’s prized possessions for sentimental reasons.  My brother used to toss it in the air and catch it to torture her.


The pie safe is in a narrow hall that is hard to photograph.  The shelf above the pie safe is a new addition since I last visited.


These balls are either Blenko or Fenton.  They were my grandmother’s.

This bear was first my dad’s and then mine.  Isn’t he sweet?


Sign of the times….We’re all talking and playing on our phones at the same time.

The weekend flew by way too fast but we packed a lot into two short days.  Friday night we watched a doubles tennis exhibition featuring our pro, two top Liberty University players, and the Liberty assistant coach.  The points were fast and furious and super fun to watch.  Saturday night was supper club with a Mardi Gras theme.  Nicole made a really yummy King Cake.  Gina was the lucky person to find the baby Jesus in her slice of cake, so she’ll either make the King Cake next year or host the party.

After being gone most of the day today, I need a weekend from my weekend!

Have a good week!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend, Paula! The cakes look yummy and the house is really looking so pretty! Love your mom’s antiques and family pieces! Happy week!…hugs…Debbie

  2. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your mother’s home. It is really looking so nice. I too enjoyed seeing the family furniture pieces and your family! Love the cake!

    Oh, I can relate to needing a weekend after your weekend! We just sat down after a week end full of fun and people.


  3. Paula, I was just thinking yesterday that I was going to have to ask you for an update on Walnut Ave. Its looking beautiful, tell your mama that I love all the progress.

  4. Darling cake! I know your niece was pleased. So cute.

    Your pictures look great. Lovely antiques. Special times with family are the best of times. Love seeing your Mother’s home.

  5. ooh sooo pretty! and so much history! Thanks for sharing this with us =) The photo of you guys on your phones is hilarious! Thats pretty much what I look like 24-7 =) such is 2011! hehe

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. I think pictures of family make the best pictures so you should do very well at your next class. Those cakes look delicious! Especially all those jelly beans. Now I’m craving jelly beans *sigh*.

    I think it’s so special that you and your family treasure all those special little objects like tea-sets and the pressed flower pictures, and that you don’t just treasure them but you display and them and make them a part of your everyday lives.

  7. It looks like you had a fun and busy weekend. Your mother’s house is really looking pretty, I love the beautiful cake she made! Happy Birthday to your niece!


  8. You have so many family stories to share with your mother’s things. I hope my kids can remember the stories. Sometimes, I quiz them! Georgia has really made a beautiful home!

  9. I just love reading about Walnut Avenue! 🙂 So many treasures. Your niece’s cake looks delicious!!!! Hope the second photography class is worthwhile–I felt that way about my Silhouette class. Not worth $12.

  10. Look like y’all had a great weekend! The cake looks delicious. I loooove those glass balls. They are gorgeous. Your mom’ pie safe is so amzing. I absolutely love it. The whole tin punch front is so pretty. Love it all! Walnut Avenue rocks!

  11. I just cannot believe the transformation of Walnut Avenue. Your mama’s hard work is really paying off!

    I adore those glass balls. Your mother has done a terrific job of safekeeping family treasures!

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