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Sherman, our rescue dog, has brought untold joy into our lives.  I never imagined that I would enjoy cuddling with a dog first thing in the morning or late at night, nor did I imagine that I would want to race home from work to see a dog.  This former dog hater has been totally transformed into a dog lover by living with sweet Sherman.  As sweet as Sherman is, a lot of his sweetness has to do with good training.  We have found in training Sherman that positive reinforcement dog training works best.  Sherman will work hard to earn a tasty treat.

Sherman’s best buddy is our neighbor’s poodle, Cajun, who also is trained with positive reinforcement.  Cajun has completed many levels of obedience training and he enjoys taking classes in rally and agility.  Cajun is a therapy dog who visits a local hospital every Friday to bring cheer to patients. Sherman visits Cajun almost daily for a play session which often means a couple of stops in play for a treat.  On a recent evening, Sherman and Cajun enjoyed Nudges as their treat.  Sherman loves Nudges and it was Cajun’s first time tasting this treat.

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training with Nudges by virginiasweetpea


Have you heard of Nudges?  I purchase mine at Walmart on the pet care isle.

Nudges can be purchased at Walmart


This treat is made in the USA, is free of fillers, and is made with real American raised meats.  Nudges are available in Health and Wellness Chicken, Beef, Bacon, and Duck.  (My local Walmart doesn’t carry the bacon variety.)

Nudges Varieties


Nudges are soft and truly smell good.  In fact, I could easily be convinced that a piece of Nudges was human beef jerky and not a dog treat.  For training, Nudges are great because they are easily torn into small pieces for treats.  When training Sherman, I put plenty of treats into a treat holder that attaches to my pants.  I can easily reach a treat when it’s time to reward Sherman for doing what I asked.

Made in the USA Nudges Tear into Small Pieces


After Sherman sits on command, he is rewarded with a piece of Nudges.

Training with Nudges


Sherman starts agility training class on June 10.  Cajun has taken agility classes for a year and has a practice jump in his yard.  In preparation for class, I’ve been training Sherman to jump over the bar.  You can see that it doesn’t take much convincing for Cajun to jump.  He knows I have a piece of Nudges in my hand, so he’s looking at me instead of where he going!

Cajun Jumps


After a few tries where he knocked down the bar instead of jumping over it, Sherman finally jumped!

Sherman Skulina Jumps - Positive Reinforcement dog training


He was rewarded with praise and of course a piece of Nudges.

Praise for Sherman after jumping


After the jumping session, both dogs were rewarded for sitting on command with Nudges.  Then it was off for running, chasing, and wrestling on the lawn.

Training with Nudges


Mr. SP delights in giving Sherman and the other dogs in our neighborhood treats.  I’m not sure who is more excited about opening the bag of Nudges, Sherman or Mr. SP.  #NudgesMoments like this one melt my heart.  I love our little dog!

Sherman Skulina sees Nudges

Before you shop for Nudges, take a moment to print a coupon for $1 off a bag.  #CollectiveBias

I’m really proud of Sherman’s training and hope that one day he’ll be a therapy dog just like Cajun.  Sherman is so calm and loving and I know he would be medicine that a doctor can’t prescribe for many patients in the hospital.  We’ll keep working with Sherman and one day he’ll meet my goal!

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  1. I was not much of an animal person at all until one of our grands asked for a dog for Christmas, but also asked that we keep him at our house! Max, our German Shepherd, quickly became my BFF. Who knew?

    We are currently “trying” to train him to stop nipping at people. He doesn’t bite and doesn’t nip at me, but every once in a while he will nip at others while trying to shepherd them. I’m going to print out the coupon and buy some nudges!

    1. Max will love Nudges! My husband’s German Shepherd was also a Max. 🙂 It’s crazy how quickly a dog can melt your heart.


  2. I really love reading about Sherman. I think he will meet your goal. I have had dogs most of my life and really like having them around. My dog is living with my mom right now, but he is really a great dog. I will forward this to her so she can try these treats with him.

  3. GO SHERMAN! He’s such a handsome guy! I’d love to get our dog, Daisy, involved in agility. She’s so fast and has so much energy, but has trouble with anxiety around other dogs. Nudges really do look like regular beef jerky! An awesome treat for awesome dogs! #client

    1. Poor Daisy! I hope she’ll get over her anxiety so that you’ll be able to get her to an agility class. It sounds like she would really enjoy it.


    1. Cajun and Sherman are best buddies and are so cute playing together. You’ll have to come over one day to meet both of them.


  4. I bet Sherman will be amazing! So funny the picture of eyes on the treat rather than the goal! When we got Ellie-Mae we crate trained her with treats and it is amazing how much she loves them…treats really do work!

  5. Paula,

    So sweet that you fur baby has a great friend! Our lab is like that when she sees her sister at the beach in the summer. Yes, my hubby’s sister has her litter mate. Maybe using treats more will help train our 5 month old Westie. Training a small dog has been a challenge….not like the labs we’ve had over the years! Thanks for sharing!!! ~Christy

    1. Our neighbor has a Westie that is so adorable and every time I see him, I think about your new puppy. Good luck with your training!


    1. Sherman gets so excited when he sees the Nudges bag. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.

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