Family Room Winter Decorations + Our New Chair

Can you believe that it is already the third week of January?  Our family room is decorated for winter and we’ve been enjoying the room’s winter decor all month.  Today I’m sharing my winter decorations and our new budget-friendly family room chair.A family room is decorated for winter.

Family Room Winter Decorations

We love relaxing in our family room each night.  I’m on one sofa and Mr. SP is on the other and Sherman is either on the floor getting petted or in “his” leather chair.Family Room Decorated for Winter

Coffee Table and End Table Winter Decor

I created a winter look for our coffee table by filling a metal tool caddy with pine cones, deer antlers that Sherman found, and birch bark that I collected in Vermont.Family room Decorated for winter

At Christmas, this tool caddy was filled with Sherman’s gifts.  Santa brought him too many presents and he still hasn’t opened them all.Metal tote filled with pine cones, deer antlers, and Birch bark

For a winter vignette on an end table, I used an embroidered winter farm scene, a handmade maple box, and a candle in a brass candle holder.Embroidered barn scene, brass candle holder and candle, handmade wood box

The needlework was a $1 thrift shop find when I traveled to New Mexico in November. Embroidered barn scene, brass candle holder and candle, handmade wood box

Winter makes me think about skiing and skiing makes me think about Vermont, so the other end table is decorated with a Vermont ski vignette.  You can see my granddad’s lantern in the background.Vermont postcard, Vermont plate, red candle holder, red oil lamp

Our New Chair

For a few years, I’ve had a mid-century chair in our family room that at first I liked, but then after some time, I realized that mid-century just isn’t my style.  

Below is a picture of our family room taken about this time last year.  You can see the mid-century chair and also the map that I had hanging over our sofa that I really had grown tired of.  I put the map there because I had no other art to hang in that space that looked good.  Cozy Winter Family Room - Decor in this room make it feel cozy for winter.

Since last year I found a new home for the map.  I listed it for sale on Facebook and my cousin who lives in Missouri happened to see my post.  She told me that her husband would love it, so I wrapped it up that day and mailed it to him.  I am much happier passing a piece on to a family member over selling it to a stranger.

I also painted the walls a lighter color and removed the Vermont memorabilia that used to hang to the right of the right side end table.  

The art that I bought in North Carolina and used for my fall mantel is now in use in our family room where the map was last winter and I really like it in this spot.Family Room Decorated for Winter

I shopped around online for a chair to replace the mid-century one and ordered this one from Amazon.  It was inexpensive and I like how it looks in this room a lot more than the mid-century one. Family Room Decorated for Winter

I was a bit nervous about ordering furniture, but this one had free returns, so I bit the bullet and ordered it.  I like its tufted back, nailhead trim, and how its color coordinates with our rug.  Family room decorated for winter, new chair from Amazon

Now that I have a new chair in this spot that I really like, I need to sell the mid-century chair.  I bought it at an antique shop in Lynchburg and had it recovered, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to sell.

Winter Scene Behind the Chair

I switch the art in this corner for the season.  The winter look includes antique art that I collected over the years and a P. Buckley Moss cross-stitch that I completed in college.  My aging eyes couldn’t do intricate work like this nowadays.Silver child's porridge bowl, antique glass lamp shade, glass ball with bubbles in the glass, P. Buckley Moss cross stitch

On the shelf is a wall sconce shade from the farm where my grandfather grew up, my dad’s 1941 porridge bowl, and a glass ball with bubbles that belonged to my grandmother.Silver child's porridge bowl, antique glass lamp shade, glass ball with bubbles in the glass.

Cozy Winter Corner

Cozy pillows and throws add texture to the chair and to the sofas.  I made all of the pillow covers and the throw was an inexpensive Ikea purchase.Family Room Decorated for winter

On our fall Vermont trip, I found this postcard and knew that I would enjoy displaying it in winter.  Beside it is a vintage wood bowl filled with pine cones that I sprayed with faux snow.Vermont postcard, vintage wood bowl filled with pine cones

The pie safe in the corner is a favorite spot to decorate seasonally.  Vintage winter scene Econolite motion lamp, small antique oil burning lamp, tobacco and pipe box, winter plate, branches with epsom salt glued to them displayed in epsom salt, P. Buckley moss Christmas ornametns

When we undecorated our Christmas tree, I set aside P. Buckley Moss Christmas ornaments that had a winter look and hung them on the framed chicken wire.  This piece is great for displaying postcards or art.  You can read about the history of the wood that we used to make it here.P Buckley Moss Christmas ornaments, pipe and tobacco box, winter plate, miniature oil burning lamp

My granddad’s pipe and tobacco box is on display along with my beloved Econolite.  The small oil lamp was my dad’s and my grandmother gave it to me when I was a little girl.  Vintage winter scene Econolite motion lamp and antique miniature oil lamp

For the left corner of this winter vignette, I clipped some branches from our yard and covered them with Epsom salt using this method.  They are displayed in a florist vase and held in place with more Epsom salt.

Beside it is a Knowels plate that I found a long time ago at an antique shop.  Branches with epsom salt glued to them displayed in epsom salt

We’ll continue to enjoy the winter decorations in this space until a new season rolls around.

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  1. Love your new chair Paula….I also love all of your P Buckley Moss as I have quite a few of her prints. I love her artwork and collected it many years ago.

    1. Thank you, Shirley! I was realy glad when the chair arrived that I liked it. Even though it had a free return, it would have been a pain to do so.

      P Buckley Moss was so popular for so long. My aunt has an original given to her as a wedding gift. That was ~1966 when PBM was just getting started and no one knew anything about her. She used to have a museum in Waynesboro that was interesting to visit. That has closed but there’s still a shop downtown. There’s a really neat dollhouse in the shop window if you ever pass by Waynesboro (off I 64) when you are in VA.

  2. The chair looks perfect, and comfortable! I bought a reclining rocking swivel chair online once 10 years ago and still have it and love it.

    Liberty frim B4andAfters.com

      1. Well, I could find what I wanted anywhere else. I wanted a rocker that reclined and swiveled for the office turned nursery. And I relied heavily on the reviews. I’m glad it worked out, too!

  3. Love the Winter look! I have always been drawn to Winter scenes. Your P. Buckley Moss cross stitch is amazing. I also love the Christmas ornaments. I love her work but you don’t see too much of it anymore. I have a couple of the ornaments but never thought to display them other than on the Christmas tree. Thanks for the ideas. The new chair is nice and definitely fits better in the room.

    1. Thank you, Lynda. A long time ago I made hangers for my winter P Buckley Moss ornaments, another way to display them after Christmas.

      I agree that you don’t see her work like you used to. She was really popular in the 80s and into the 90s.

      I’m really glad that I bit the bullet and bought the chair.


    1. Thank you, Julie! My grandmother used to say that she could go to a flower show and know who did which arrangement without even looking at the entry tag. Bloggers are like that with our decor. We see a picture and know whose style it almost immediately.


  4. The chair looks great – go you! The risk paid off. The Econolite reminds me of one my grandaunt had in her office. Well, it was her husband’s office but he died when I was so little that I do not remember him. He had worked for the railroad. The Econolite had a train on it, so when the light was on, the train looked like it was going down the tracks.

  5. Paula, What a great post on winter decorating ideas. I agree with everyone who said it is so nice to see P Buckley Moss artwork featured. I have a nice collection of prints, some signed as I met her at a local gallery at a couple of of her shows. I was lucky enough to visit her museum once, a great artist and a very nice person as well. I have a collection of ornaments I never use and a few members pins. With your inspiration I am getting them out today!
    Thank you, Sherry B

    1. Hi Paula,

      Love your decor on your coffee table. The antlers are a pretty look. I can’t believe the needlepoint and gor $1. It sure is beautiful.

      Love the new chair and I love tufted pieces, great color. I have pieces I irdered on line and I was nervous ordering furniture the first time. It was a large coffee table and I couldn’t find one I liked except online. Worked out great.

      Enjoy your weekend!


  6. Gosh, I love taking a tour of your vintage treasure vignettes, Paula. You always do such a lovely job decorating your home for the seasons and adore that they always have so many stories! Thank you for the great Epsom salt idea – I’ve got branches and Epsom salts so guess what I’m doing today? LOL The new chair looks perfect.

  7. The whole room looks beautiful, Paula, and I love the new chair. I, too am leery about ordering furniture online and I’m glad to hear you had a good experience. I also love the antlers that Sherman found. I just hope he doesn’t decide he wants to play with them! lol

  8. Paula,
    Love your blog, stories and decor. Your posts are a joy to read and admire!
    I wish you a happy, healthy new year.

  9. I love your new chair, Paula! It definitely matches the style of your other furniture better than the mid century chair. The blue chair, pillows and throw makes that pretty rug stand out. I wish our dogs would find some deer sheds in the woods. They just seem to find deer poop lol! I love all ofl the vintage vignettes you’ve created, Thanks for sharing your Winter family room with us!

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