Another Beach Weekend!

We are headed back to the beach this weekend for this:


My friend, Elsie, is going with us to be my partner and our friends, Keith and Nicole, will meet us at the beach so that Mr. SP and Keith can play together. 

My mom, two of my aunts, and my uncle are also coming for the weekend to watch the tournament.  Mama is letting Elsie, Mr. SP, and I stay in her house and she’s staying with her two sisters and my uncle in my uncle’s house.  The houses are only a couple of blocks from each other, so we’re sure to get to spend time together.  Keith and Nicole opted to stay in a hotel closer to where the tournament is being held. 

I’m off to finish packing.  We’ll have bbq on the road for dinner and arrive at the beach late tonight.  Yippee!  I love going to the beach!

I need some good luck wishes for the tennis part.  Elsie is much better than I am and I don’t want to let her down.  She’d never let on that she was disappointed in me, but still. 

I’ll check in from the OBX!!


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