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Do you like Bath and Body Works products?  I do, but only certain ones.

This Christmas was the first year that I didn’t receive a single B&BW gift.  I couldn’t believe it.  The day after Christmas I placed an order, only buying sale items.  I may have gone a bit overboard.

I have to be very careful with the scents that I choose.  I either like a scent or it literally makes me sick.  I get an immediate headache and feel woozy when a scent doesn’t agree with me.  I am the same way with perfumes.  I almost have to hold my breath when I go through the perfume section in a department store.  Another store that literally makes me sick the moment I walk through the door is Yankee Candle. 

With B&BW, if it is soap, it usually won’t make me sick, no matter the scent.  If it is a spray or lotion, I have certain scents that are safe to enjoy.

It’s a treat to have B&BW shower gel instead of soap in my shower.  “Coconut Lime Verbena” is one of my favorites after my very favorite scent ever, “Warm Vanilla Sugar”.  This was buy three, get two free.  I should be set for a long while on shower gel, especially since I’m trying to take the majority of my showers at the gym so I don’t have to clean my shower very often.  (Is that lazy or what??)  Coconut Lime Verbena shower gel is pure pleasure when you are used to using free foam soap from the shower dispenser at the Y.

I had to return the “Cool Citrus Basil” and “Lemongrass Sage” lotions.  I put a tiny drop of each on my hand as a test and had an immediate headache and stomach ache after each application.  I was able to return these to the store at the mall, so I now have a $6.00+ credit to use when I run out of my B&BW stash.  In the short time that it took to make my exchange, I got a splitting headache.  Luckily, it went away after a got out of that smelly store.

“Creamy Coconut” is pure pleasure.  I keep it in my gym bag to use after my gym showers.  IMG_4792

These hand soaps were all either $1.00 or $2.00.  I like to keep a bottle of  “Fresh Cut Lemon” by the kitchen sink.

It has been months since I’ve had any B&BW products.  Using them is certainly a small pleasure that I really enjoy.

What scents do you enjoy?

Does anyone else have a sensitivity to certain scents or is is just me??


  1. I am the same as you… I can barely go into B&BW because of the strong scent. I love their products, but can’t use alot of them. I love their soaps, and Kitchen Lemon is one of my favorites. They have a new one called Tangerine that smells really good. I also love the Warm Vanilla Sugar and some of their Christmas scents are nice too. Over the holidays I went in to get some gifts and came away with a membership card that entitles me to a free gift for Jan through May.. and it was free!

  2. I love B and BW! I’m not as sensitive to their scents..but sometimes perfumes make me gag 🙂

    I, like you, only load up when there is a sale. In fact, I have a gift card burning a hole in my wallet!!

  3. Hi Paula Sweetie…
    Oh my gosh, I hadn’t thought about it until now, but I didn’t get any either. Now that is odd.

    I haven’t tried this Coconut Lime Verbena, but I am off tomorrow and guess where I am going.

    Oh thank you for the reminder. I am SO thrilled to know that someone else is as crazy about their products as me. Open…Open…Open… Can’t wait. Have a gorgeous weekend sweetie. Many hugs, Sherry

  4. I love the coconut lime also but some of my very favorites are the true blue spa products. For hand soap the peppermint one this season was a big hit at my house

  5. I have a difficult time entering their stores because all the mixture of scents, makes me nauseous. BUT, I do enjoy some of their items. I have the Coconut Lime Verbena lotion, hand soap, and gel at our lakehouse for the girls to use in the Summer. I love their handsoap in certain fragrances such as Apple Wreath which I have right now due to the holidays. I also enjoy 2 of their candle scents….Spice and Cinnamon/Clove Bud. So that’s it for me at BBW. I can’t handle many of their lotion scents. I gag! I’m very particular like you in scents that I use myself. My all time favorite lotion is Victoria Secret Amber Romance! I’ve worn it for years.

  6. Hi Paula! I love BBW! I wait for their semi-annual sale and hit the store! It’s the wall flowers and candles for me…especially Kitchen Spice. I like scents that seem to be natural in a home and this one smells like I just made hazelnut coffee. The apple scents are also nice…like I just came back from a trip to my favorite farmer’s market in north Georgia and bought a bunch of apples! lol maybe I should just make coffee and buy apples and save my money! Happy weekend!…hugs…Debbie

  7. Clearly, scents are not an issue for me, but I do love to have B&BW products around b/c I know others love them. I like the kitchen lemon one and warm vanilla sugar…they sound like they must smell good. 😉

  8. I adore warm vanilla sugar. Only problem is all day I’m craving vanilla cupcakes!

    One of my favorite scents is the Home Sweet Home candle from Yankee Candles.

    I need to make a trip into B&BW tomorrow since my sister and I are going to the mall.

  9. I LOVE Bath and Body Works products – – – but I too am picky about my scents!

    I don’t like flowery, I prefer spicy.

  10. Same here, I get a headache whenever I go in there (Yankee Candle is bad, too). Not a fan of the way they follow you around and harrass you at BBW, so usually I have to tell them to back off and I’ll let them know if I need help. I like a couple of the aromatherapy things, but otherwise most of their stuff is not my scene. I like lavendar, mint, sandalwood, honey…so once they got rid of their Couvent de Nimes stuff, there isn’t much there I like anymore. I did get warm vanilla sugar set for Christmas in our dirty santa exchange, so the streak is unbroken here! We have an outlet nearby and they have great prices.

  11. love bbw….i actually got a set of dark bliss from my son…it smells pretty nice

    i don’t like strong smells but love me some spice smells

    i need to go get me some kitchen stuff since i ran out around thanksgiving

  12. Paula, I share your scent woes to a degree but I’m not quite as touchy as you. I do either hate them or love them, though.

    I LOVE Winter Candy Apple. Even a lady on the plane asked me what I was wearing. Afraid it was too strong I asked and she said, No she loved it…it was very soft.

    Let me know if you try the soup!


  13. I was excited to see that someone else purchased a lot of BBW after Christmas. I have a favorite scent Seaspray that I used to wear years ago and noticed that BBW now sells it again after being discontinued for years. So what did I do, bought nine bottles of lotions, body spray, and four bottles of shower gel. The price was right and how can you go wrong with something that makes you happy. The smell brings back such great memories that I even dreamed about my friend at the time I used to wear the scene more. I do not have the same problem you do with scents but I can truly understand where some of them can be so powerful. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I went over after Christmas and got a few bottles of shower gel. I can’t remember which one I’m using right now but I tend to go toward the more citrus ones.

  15. Oh my gosh! You are so smart! Why don’t I think to take a shower at they gym? I loathe cleaning my shower! 🙂

    I love the Coconut Lime Verbena and anything coconut for that matter. Only the “spicy” scents make me sick or the real powdery smelling ones. ICK! I HATE patchouli – ICK! I like the fruity smells! Kitchen Lemon is at my sink right now, but I’ve never tried the Fresh Cut Lemon. Must try that soon!

  16. Paula me too. I get headaches so easily from perfumes now. I didn’t used to be like this. I remember wearing *Poison* by CD in high school. If you have ever smelled that one then you know how strong it is. Whew! I could never wear it today.

    LOVE Warm Vanilla Sugar. Yum!

  17. You know, now that you mention it, I didn’t get any B&BW stuff either. Interesting! LOL

    I think I might have to get me some of the fresh cut lemon for the kitchen as well…sounds perfect!

  18. I just stocked up on the hand soaps and went a little crazy, too. The price was great! I wish they would’ve had the fresh lemon, that does sound perfect for the kitchen!

  19. Looks like your hands will be smelling great all year long! 🙂
    I hope 2011 brings you much joy and happiness!
    Happy New Year!

  20. I love BBW and stocked up on their after Christmas sale! I like some of the same scents you do…my favorite though is Lavender Vanilla! ♥

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