The Case of the Missing Lawn

I have not had the pleasure of mowing grass all summer as we have been without a lawn since the end of May.  Instead, I’ve spent many an hour spraying Round-Up trying to get rid of my number one weed enemy, Bermuda Grass, aka Wire Grass.

This is tenacious stuff.  It spreads with underground runners and just when you think it is dead, more pops up.  Digging it is a chore because the runners go on and on and if you break one off in the soil, it will branch at that point and continue to grow. 

We started our yard kill at the end of May and I’ve been spot treating the Bermuda with Round-Up ever since.  You can see below patches of Bermuda that popped up in the lawn July.

Our lawn has been quite a mystery to our neighbors.  I can’t tell you how many people have stopped by asking us why our lawn in dead.  Usually they think that it died on its own of a mysterious disease.

I’ve kind of gotten used to a brown lawn. 

Flowers against the dull brown are still pretty.

It’s just about grass planting time in Virginia.  In the very near future, our entire yard will be tilled and seed will be planted.  If germination is good, we’ll soon after after a beautiful green yard and I’ll have the pleasure of mowing once again. 

Yes, I enjoy the task of mowing.  It makes the yard look so neat and it gives me an opportunity to think and get a little exercise at the same time.  What about you?  Is mowing a chore or is it pleasure?


  1. I love a pretty green lawn. We seem to have a good one in the spring, then it’s downhill the rest of the summer (Virginia as well). Actually, we pay someone to cut our very tiny yard—worth it to us, so I guess you could say we would find it a “chore”….if we actually did it. I do enjoy the flower beds though.

  2. We have sooooo many of those stupid runner things. They are the bane of my yard existence. Your grass is going to look amazing, and it will all be worth it!

  3. I enjoy mowing. It is very relaxing to me. We have trouble with bermuda grass, too. It pops up in our landscaping all of the time. I hate that stuff! Good luck with your new lawn. Carla

  4. No, I don’t like to mow, but I do appreciate a good lawn. At the lake house this past spring, I cleared out a big patch of dead wire grass and discovered a bunch of pavers. Looking forward to seeing the next stage of your yard.

  5. most of the mowing done over here is done by my hubby – bnut i am in charge of gardens.
    We have some burmuda too …it is a little bugger isnt it.
    We’ve never thought to kill the lawn though.
    Im sure yours is going to sprout up nice and green!!

  6. This is on our to do list for next year! It must have been nice to have some “no mowing” time!! Have fun seeding!

  7. I love to mow the grass too. I think it is relaxing to push the mower back and forth and I love seeing the end result of a pretty lawn! Your’s should look great this spring.

  8. We don’t have bermuda grass here, thank goodness, because it seems like a gigantic pain. I’m so glad that your beautiful flower beds are unaffected by it. I love the way the lawn looks when it’s mowed and agree that it’s a good time to think, but… I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of mowing the lawn! Strangely, I would rather shovel snow (which is a good thing, because we get loads of the stuff her). I find that very invigorating!

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