Front Porch Updates

A couple of weeks ago I posted a list of things that I’d like to accomplish outside of our home to improve its curb appeal.  I’ve been able to check everything off of my front porch list except the door and mail slot.  I’m holding off on the mail slot because the Chippendale door just may cover the slot and if it does, I may leave well enough alone.

What I accomplished:
Replaced light
Painted mailbox
Painted threshold
Scraped paint and caulk off the brick
Purchased door mat

Here are some refresher pictures of what I wanted to accomplish:

Here’s my updated entrance!

Removing the paint from the brick ended up being easier than I thought it would be.  I was lucky that a lot of what was on my brick was caulk.  I was able to scrape off the caulk and paint with a 3 in 1 tool.  All that was needed was elbow grease, no chemicals.  See the difference?
I searched and searched for a light and finally found one I liked at a local lighting shop. 
A new door mat and painted threshold look so much nicer.
I looked and looked for a new mailbox and didn’t find one that I liked, so I painted the one that we had.  We ended up not using it because our new light is a bit bigger than our old one and placing the mailbox below it looked awkward.
Side by side before and after:
I wanted to finish these projects by fall and I’ve still got a few weeks left to finish the door.  We had the door made by a local shop and it must be cut down to fit our space.  As soon as Mr. SP has time to get it cut to the correct size, we’ll paint it. 
Soon it will be time to switch summer plantings over to fall ones.  Mums will look nice here.
Hope everyone is having a good week.  My students came back to school this week and I am dog tired after each day. 
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  1. Your entrance looks wonderful. So nice and fresh. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to check a few things off the list. Hugs, Marty

  2. Paula, your work really makes your entry look great. Such a pretty house you have. I love the brick/stone front porch. I also love your new light and rug!

    Thanks for your very nice compliments on my anniv. post. 🙂


  3. Your entry way looks great! I love it when I have accomplished tasks and marking them off my list, feels great! Way to go, you have do so much!


  4. I love your entrance, Paula! So pretty and traditional. I love traditional!!

    I wonder–could you cut off the ivy and hearts from your old mailbox and still use it? It might fit better with the new light if it didn’t have those decorations. Just a thought.

    Hope you’re having a great day!

  5. Oh I love the new look…and the fall mums sound so pretty…I am ready for fall to hurry and get here!

  6. It looks great! Your new light fixture especially- it is much more visible, not to mention, not shiny brass!

    Great job on not using any chemicals to get rid of the paint/caulk stuff on the bricks.

    I hear you about being tired. I taught for a couple of years, and I was never so tired in my life as the first week of school. Teaching is a high energy job! Next week will be better 🙂

  7. It does look fresh and lovely Paula. Great job and I adore the way you have your flowers arranged in the pots. I’m going to remember that for the next time. Mums are so pretty too. I’m ready for them!

  8. I love your entrance…:) You all did a great job! I know how hard that is to accomplish!

    I would love to invite you over for a visit! I look forward to getting to know you! Meme from Screaming Meme

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