Back to the Beach

We are headed back to the beach this weekend to run the OBX 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. I am not quite as well trained as I would like to be for the race, but I know that I’ll be fine. I should have done at least one more 12 or 13 mile run to prepare. Mr. SP never ran over a 6 mile training run, so it could be a long morning for him. I’m not too worried about him because he’s completed many a marathon without properly training.

Here’s a picture from the marathon website of a scene along the course:

We won’t get to run around the Wright Memorial because the 1/2 Marathon starts around mile post 10. Both races end in Manteo. We will park our car in Manteo and catch a shuttle to the start. The race starts at 7 am on Sunday, so we’ll have to get up at the crack of dawn.

We may try to eat dinner at The Colington Cafe on Sunday. I’ve always wanted to go there and just haven’t done it. My girlfriend went last weekend and said that it was really good.
(Photos from The Colington Cafe’s website)

On Saturday, Mr. SP needs to fix a few things around the beach house for Mama and I’ll try to give it a good cleaning so that she doesn’t have to do it later this month. The last renter left two weeks ago and she won’t rent it again until May, so I want it to be nice and clean for her visits over the winter. We will also visit the race expo on Saturday and hopefully find some running clothes to buy. A new outfit is always good motivation to go for a run!

We are staying at the beach until Monday. We are going to go home a different way so that Mr. SP can visit a Bass Pro Shop. I like looking at the fish in the aquariums and at the stuffed animal displays, so I won’t have a problem entertaining myself while he browses the store. After that. we are going to stop in Williamsburg at the outlets. I can’t wait to shop there. I found so many great deals there in June and I’m hoping to have the same shopping luck on this trip. If we aren’t too shopped out after the outlets, we may stop at the mall in Short Pump, too. Shopping where I live is limited, so I have to take advantage of shopping opportunities when they come my way!

I haven’t reported on tennis in a while….I’m still playing, although I’m not playing nearly as much as I did this summer. I have a contract on Tuesday evening with a bunch of ladies, I go to a clinic on Saturdays, and Sundays Mr. SP and I play in our mixed doubles league. We were undefeated until Sunday. We won the first set on Sunday 6-0, lost the second set 3-6, and then lost the tie-breaker. It was a big disappointment to us. Our team won the other two courts, so our loss didn’t keep the team from winning the match. Tomorrow night I get to substitute in a contract with a group of 3.5 ladies. I love playing up.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Wishing you both a great run. You know how I love OBX. Hey, you’ll have to tell me about Colington Cafe. Never heard of it and we are always looking for new places to eat while there. Hey we found some great antique AND thrift stores while at the beach on two rainy days in Sept. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I think yours is one of the best around!

  2. Have fun at the OBX run. I heard some of the runners at the gym talking about it this week. Y’all should have great weather! And I guess y’all have to cross the causeway bridge…. hard going up, but fun coming down? 😉 Good luck to you and Mr. SP!

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