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Fall Porch Decor in Lynchburg, VA Last weekend I ran down one of my favorite streets in Lynchburg, Peakland Place.  I will never get tired of walking or running on this street because of the beauty of the homes.  As I ran, I noticed many pretty fall porch displays and thought that it would be fun to share them.


Is this not a beautiful home?

Peakland Home in Lynchburg, VA Fall Pumpkins on a Porch


I love this house and regret that I didn’t tour it the year it was open for Garden Day.  Lynchburg Peakland Place Home in VA Fall Porch


This 1918 home was in sad shape not too many years ago.  You can read about its restoration here.  I couldn’t get a decent shot of the front door wreath without trespassing but can you see that it’s a cute vintage look cat?  Friends of ours recently bought the house next door and are renovating it.Lynchburg Home on Peakland Place Fall Porch


This home is on a double lot and from time to time I pass by when they hold parties.  Of course, I crane my neck  trying to take in every detail.

Lychburg, VA home

Fall Porch from Lynchburg, VA


This home looks straight out of Williamsburg and it just may be modeled after a home there.

Peakland Place Home Fall Porch in Lynchburg, VA

Do you like what I spied on Peakland Place?  Which is your favorite?

I love sharing my pretty town and may make “I Spy” a regular feature.


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