He Noticed!

Mr. SP noticed my new hairstyle and commented on it as soon as he gave me a hug and kiss. Bonus points for Mr. SP!

We went to Fretwell Bass in downtown Staunton yesterday to pick up the new banjo. It is the first banjo produced for Huss and Dalton’s Cedar Forest series. It’s a beauty! Downtown Staunton is full of cute shops and antique stores. I had a good time browsing while Mr. SP made his purchase. Here he is in Fretwell Bass with his new toy:


  1. Now, you need to video Mr. SP playing the banjo for us to enjoy. Congrats to the Mr. on his new purchase.

  2. Looks like HE has a fresh haircut, too! Good for mr sp!!! And it sounds like ya’ll had lots of fun!


  3. Good that he noticed your new hairstyle!

    Look at that big smile on his face – he looks really happy with his new banjo!

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