Building a Fence

I fully expected to spend all of Saturday building a fence.  Mr. SP really wanted to go to the lake on Saturday, so he took Friday off and built the fence without me.  (Lucky me!)

We both love the way this looks and can’t wait until we install new landscaping and have pretty green grass.  The landscaping plan calls for a mix of plants that will be attractive and will give us some privacy from our neighbors.
New Fence1

Looking down the hill you can see where the new fence joins in with the old one.  If you can’t see it, look just beyond the tree stump.
New Fence2

Our original fence was damaged by the storm at the end of June in several places.  Mr.  SP still needs to fix one spot in this section.

This blogger has trained her husband very well.  Would you believe that he took a few pictures of this project as he completed it?  He started by tying a string at one end of the original fence and then extended it up the hill to where he wanted the new fence to end.
Original Fence
Building a Fence1

He placed the posts and rails approximately where he would need them.
Building a Fence2

He’s getting there!
Building a Fence3

When I came home from school and discovered that he’d been home all day building this fence, I was giddy with excitement.
Building a Fence4

My timing was impeccable.  There was only one post hole left to dig to finish the job.
Building a Fence5

Mr. SP’s dad was his helper for the day.  They had fun doing this project even though it was hard work.
Fence Building

We are both so pleased with this project!
New Fence1

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If all goes well, the first steps in rehabbing our turf should begin today. 


  1. You are one lucky girl, not just because Mr. SP took the day off to build the fence without your help, but that he thought about your blogging needs.

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