A Confession

I have a confession.  I like brass.  I’ve heard so many bloggers talk about how ugly brass is and I decided that it was time that someone stood up for brass.  I think it is pretty and classic.

I rearranged some accessories the other day and couldn’t figure out what to use to the right of my chocolate set on this dresser.  I found two brass candlesticks in the basement that I hadn’t used in forever.  I received both as wedding gifts back in 1994.  Brass was popular back then.  One of these is Virginia Metalcrafters which now out of business.  Perfect!  The lamp was my dad’s desk lamp when he was in college.

There’s a lot of brass in my home.  All of the window and door hardware are brass.
I will admit that old brass is prettier than new brass.  My kitchen has stainless appliances and brushed nickel hardware on the cabinets, but I still went with brass doorknobs and hinges because that’s what I have in the rest of the house.

I love my Virginia Metalcrafters switchplate and outlet covers.  I wish that I had them in all of my rooms and now they aren’t available.  My mom gave me most of these as gifts.
Mama and daddy gave me this fireplace set when we got married.  I think it wouldn’t be nearly as pretty if it weren’t brass.
So what’s your opinion?  Do you like brass?  You won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t, be honest!


  1. Thank you for this post !!! I have saved all my old brass candlesticks and have been bringing them back out a few at a time. Brass just exudes warmth in a home I think. Actually, all my hardware is antique brass and I’ve been looking for a new dining room light in antique brass. It’s been very hard to find one what with all the oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel that’s been so popular, but I think if I wait long enough, from what I hear, it’s coming back big time and I should have no problem. Yeah!

  2. It just makes me cringe when I hear that someone has spray painted a piece of brass! I am proud to have pieces of Virginia Metalcrafters in my home as well. One of these days brass will come back in vogue and those spray painters will be spending their time trying to get that paint off. Besides, what is worth more- a pair of brass candle sticks or a spray painted pair? It’s like painting a solid walnut table white!! Ye gads! You know, the both of us are just traditionalists and value heritage.

  3. Paula, I LOVE your dresser and how you’ve arranged it. I completely agree with you. I think brass got a bad rap after all the low-end bulders started using that super shiny cheap stuff in the 80s. If we ever have the privilege of redoing another home, I fully intend to use aged brass. I can tell you that in my design work in high end homes around here- antique brass finishes are what’s being used
    xoxo Pattie

  4. I cannot believe I just typed out a long post and when I hit the button, POOF!! Gone.

    Anyway, like your brass. But love those bird pictures. I have some brass I’ll trade you for them. πŸ™‚

  5. Paula it is very pretty and timeless. It looks wonderful in your home and fits in well.

    I know what you mean about reading all of these opinions about decor and what is in and what is out. It’s enough to make our heads spin. Whew! I once read an entire post by someone on the horrible store called Kirklands. Yikes! You know how much I love to shop there. I would never post anything like that. I say if it works for us in our own homes then so be it.
    We should all make our homes our own.

    Your home is beautiful amd filled with character. ~Melissa πŸ™‚

  6. Paula, I too have brass hardware on all my doors throughout my home. I also have brass items scattered throughout. VA Metalcrafters certainly produced very high quality items. I have a few pieces. My best friend has all her switchplates in her home in VA Metalcrafter hardware. They are lovely…just as yours are. I do love your brass pieces. I think what so many might not understand or maybe they do….everything cycles in and out in decor. If we are wanting to be “in style,” it’s a neverending chase because just when you think you’re “in style,” it cycles out. If we hang on to what we truly love, we create our own sense of vogue and “in style” and can make it timeless. I feel brass is timeless unlike some of the other metals used in homes now…that’s just my opinion. Thank you for starting this thought provoking topic.

  7. I unfortunately have the cheapie icky brass throughout my home, and I am all too willing to change it. πŸ˜‰ I don’t mind the beautiful, aged brass look though.

    I think the question of “what’s worth more?” is in the eye of the beholder. I’d rather have something spray painted that I adore instead of just living with an item that I dislike, just b/c it’s worth more in its current state. I wouldn’t go wrecking family heirlooms or anything, but I’ve lived too long with *stuff* just b/c I didn’t feel like I could change.

    I love the fixtures in your home!!!

  8. I like antique brass, but I’m not into shiny new brass so much. I got several pieces of beautiful brass for high school graduation that I love! It’ll come back – everything always does. I say if you like it, who cares what anyone else says! I do love your Virginia Metalcrafters! Beautiful!

  9. I love brass too. I have some brass lamps and some candlesticks that I love to use. They are classic to me. Can’t imagine not using them. Don’t worry, I see more of it coming back, so hold on to yours. Hugs, Marty

  10. I have at least 8 Va Metalcrafters various candlesticks out at all times. As well as every switchplate etc. I never knew it was a question! LOVE me some brass!

  11. I like your arrangement of brass things. I have some brass candlesticks that my ancestors used in their church services in the early days of Methodism in Scotland…from the early 1800s.

    I also love all your seashells…hope they remind you of your lovely vacations for hatteras and newport!

    Jennifer aka Gigi

  12. I like brass too. I have brass light switch covers all over the house and numerous brass plant containers. My picture frames are mostly brass also.
    I believe brass is timeless and traditional. Yes, right now the newer homes have burnished bronze, pewter, black and other less shiny metals, however, trends come and go in home interiors just like fashion. I am old enough to remember when modern was in for only a short time in the 60’s and then more traditional styles of furniture came back. I think we should enjoy what we like and not let anyone make us feel we are out of style.

  13. I think it is just whatever is the trend. Right now all the dark furniture, and painted wood is so stlyish. But remember in the 80’s and 90’s when the “dark” look was so old fashioned?

    Honey and Oak were what everyone wanted. I think things just go in cycles. Brass will soon be back “in”.

    Kinda like I SWORE I would never wear “bell bottoms” when flare legged jeans started to come in style…now those pegged bottoms are coming back and they make me wanna gag.

  14. I love brass and didn’t realize it was out of favor. We used to live in Maine and our hobby was attending auctions and BUYING. So I have lots of old brass (scales, doorknobs, candlesticks, apple stencils, old license plates). I like it best when it is polished. I also have copper. It can keep a girl busy!

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