Our 2012 Christmas Tree

A confession:  We’ve had our tree up since the weekend before Thanksgiving and have been enjoying it every night.

Our 2012 Tree3


We put our tree in our family room where we watch TV in the evening.  This placement also allows us enjoy it while we are in the dining area and in the kitchen.

Our 2012 Tree4


Our tree skirt was made for my family in the 1970’s by my grandmother.  Mama let me have it a few years ago.  Presents for friends and family are under the tree but our gifts to each other stay hidden until the big day.

Presents under the tree


Our ornaments are a hodge-podge and most have special meaning.  I made this angel in the early 1990’s before I met Mr. SP.

Angel Ornament


We used to ride our road bikes almost daily.  Even though most of my biking is indoors now, I still consider myself a cyclist.

Bike Ornament


A boat reminds us of fun summers at the lake.

Boat Ornament


Mr. SP grew up with German Shepard and desperately wants another.  We aren’t home enough to give a dog the proper amount of attention and I really don’t like dogs, so this is probably as close to having a dog as he’s going to get.

German Shepard


Riding horses was my hobby until I got out of college.  I never had a red jacket but I did have two grey horses, my beloved Brandy and later on Ice.

Horse Ornament


Virginia is our favorite state, but Vermont is a close second and is our #1 favorite vacation spot.

Vermont Ornament


I bought this vintage ornament at an estate store a few weeks ago.  I’ll bet that the previous owner (who is probably dead or in a nursing home) would be happy that someone loves it and has it on their tree.

Vintage Felt Ornament


A few years ago Mr. SP crafted two VT ornaments for a Christmas gift for me.

VT Ornament


Mr. SP’s sister is admiring some of our ornaments.

Mr. SP and Sue


I’ve been known to leave our tree up until the middle of January.  I love the lights and our ornaments.  We’ll see how long it stays up this year!


  1. Paula, your tree is beautiful and I love the placement so it can be enjoyed from more than one room. No large tree for us this year so I’ll just the enjoy the pictures of yours.

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