Conversation Today

You never know what a 7th grader is going to say. Here’s a conversation from today:

Student: You know them sticks you pee on to tell if you are pregnant?

Me: Excuse me?

Student: You know, those sticks you pee on.

Me: (Staring – Not saying anything)

Student: My ditty (Daddy) says “If it’s blue, you’re screwed.”

Me: (Almost fall in the floor.) You really shouldn’t tell your teacher things like.

Wonder what else “ditty” tells him?


  1. OMG! You responded better than I would have. I have to say though (my warped sense of humor about to come out), something about that child’s statement is funny to me. “If it’s blue you’re screwed”- kind of literally. But, what a thing to say to your teacher! And what a thing to say to your kid!

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