Valentine’s Day Decorating

I don’t do much decorating for Valentine’s Day. I did change out the glittered pinecones that I put into a birch cone on my porch for some dried red Sumac. Sumac grows wild all over the place around here. My dad collected a garbage bag of pods for me long ago and I’ve been using them for decorating ever since.

I exchanged the glittered pinecones on my mantel for Sumac and added some red vases. I can’t think of anything to put in the red vases. Suggestions?

The New Year’s postcards were put away and replaced by vintage Valentine postcards.

I hope that Mr. SP will surprise me with some conversation hearts soon. I love conversation hearts almost as much as Starburst jellybeans. I’ll take a bag of conversation hearts over chocolate any day.

Do you exchange gifts with your sweetie for Valentine’s Day? We usually go out for a nice meal and give each other a small gift. I told Mr. SP the other night that all I want is conversation hearts. We’ll see.


  1. How sweet! I’n new to this and getting ready for my first valentine tablescape thursday. Check it out if you get a chance!

  2. And you say you don’t decorate much for V. Day?? Your mantle looks great. Can you send me some of that red sumac? We certainly don’t have it here!. In the red vases I would put a simple bunch of baby’s breath.

    Paula, I think you are a romantic at heart! 🙂


  3. I always love seeing your vintage postcards. You do have some cute V. decorations. I also love your red sumac.

    I know it isn’t romantic…ha! but you coulse use red beans in your vase if you are just trying to add color, or how about red hots? That would be more appropriate.

    Mr. SP has it easy….conversation hearts? That’s sweet.

  4. The sumac is gorgeous! i love how you use, ( I think) old florist spikes to display your cards- very creative!
    I tend to buy a lot of red tulips in February and hang some large, red hearts around.
    Now St. Patricks day is another story!

  5. I have some antique valentines myself. You have inspired me to pull them out and get them on display! I also love the way you used the red sumac. Once again, I need to get busy. Valentines Day is only one week away!

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