Romantic and Vintage Valentine’s Day Mantel and Living Room Decor

February brings thoughts of Valentine’s Day.  For this year’s Valentine’s Day decor, I used some of my vintage treasures to decorate my mantel and living room with a romantic theme.

Romantic and Vintage Valentine's Day Mantel and Living Room Decor - Get ideas for decorating for Valentine's Day using vintage. #valentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #romanticdecor

I’m sharing my Romantic and Vintage Valentine’s Day Mantel and Living Room Decor along with a talented group of bloggers for a Vintage Valentine’s Day Blog Hop.  This tour is organized by my friend Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home.  I love Amber’s gorgeous old home and how she decorates it so beautifully with vintage style.

Tour 21 homes decorated for Valentine's Day using vintage.


If you are looking for winter decorating inspiration, you are sure to enjoy this tour.  You’ll find links to all of the participants at the end of this post.

If you are visiting from Petite Haus, welcome!  Angelina has a lovely home filled with beautiful antiques and is a talented decorator.  I’m sure you enjoyed visiting her home.

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Romantic and Vintage Valentine’s Day Mantel and Living Room Decor

This year’s Valentine’s Day decor started with my aunt giving me two floral plates that belonged to my grandmother.  My first thought was, “Where shall I hang these?”, then it dawned on my that they would look great on either side of my mantel for a Valentine’s Day romantic themed mantel.

Romantic and Vintage Valentine’s Day Mantel

I started decorating our living room with the mantel, placing the two plates that my aunt gave me on either end.  I then shopped my house looking for things that I could use that looked romantic.

Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel and Living Room Decor - Get ideas for decorating for Valentine's Day using vintage from 20 bloggers. #valentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #romanticdecor #vintage #vintagedecor

I added pink candles to the candle holders on either side of the mirror and made a heart shaped rag wreath to hang on the mirror.  I had hoped to use the Farmhouse Style Rag Wreath that I made last year but it was too big.  For this wreath, I used a heart shaped wire wreath form from the Dollar Store and tied on strips of pink quilting fabric, the same fabric that I used for the wreath that I made last year.

Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel - See a mantel decorated for Valentine's Day with vintage and get more decorating ideas from 20 home decor bloggers. #valentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #romanticdecor #vintage #vintagedecor

Milk glass vases filled with a pillar candles are next to the plates.  To give the white candles a touch of color, I wrapped them in pink satin ribbon held in place with double sided tape.

Romantic and Vintage Valentine's Day Mantel - See a mantel decorated with antique floral plates, milk glass, crepe paper flowers, and votives filled with white candles. #valentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #romantic #romanticdecor #vintage #vintagedecor

The crepe paper flowers were made by my grandmother.  One was on my 1994 bridal shower gift and the other on my wedding gift. I’ve saved them all of these years and this is the first time that I’ve displayed them.  It’s fitting that I’m using them this year since July 2 will be our 25th wedding anniversary.

Vintage milk glass and crepe paper flower used on a Valentine's Day romantic mantel. #valentinesday #valentinesdaymantel #valentinesdaydecor #crepepaperflower #paperflower #milkglass

Here you can see the pretty stem and leaves attached to the flower.

Vintage milk glass and crepe paper flower used on a Valentine's Day romantic mantel. #valentinesday #valentinesdaymantel #valentinesdaydecor #crepepaperflower #paperflower #milkglass

Clear glass votive holders hold white candles under the mirror.  Pink ribbon curls its way through the votive holders.

Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel #valentinesday #valentinesdaymantel #milkglass #crepepaperflower #paperflower #romanticdecor

I wish I knew something about these plates.  They came with plate hangers attached to them, so Granny must have had them on display in her house at one time or another.  If anyone has any information about them, I’d love to hear it.

Update:  My aunt told me that these plates belonged to my great-great aunt Bessie.  My aunt had them hanging on her dining room wall for many years and now they’ve been passed on to me.  My aunt says that Bessie was a Seventh Day Adventist, a vegetarian, an animal lover, and interested in human rights before it became fashionable to do so.   She was a working woman who worked for the federal government in DC.   Ahead of her time and the rest of the family may have considered her odd.

Antique Plate with Roses

The wing chairs on either side of the fireplace continue the romantic feel with the addition of pink velvet pillows ($12.99 for two!) and a grey throw.  

Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel and Living Room Decor - Get ideas for decorating for Valentine's Day using vintage from 20 bloggers. #valentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #romanticdecor #vintage #vintagedecor

The wooden barrel on the fireplace hearth gets a touch of romantic decor with the addition of a heart napkin ring tied to the barrel with pink satin ribbon.

Antique Wooden Barrel Decorated for Valentine's Day with the addition of a Heart Napkin Ring #vintagedecor #vintage #woodenbarrel #valentinesdaydecor

Long ago I did a Valentine’s Day gift exchange with a group of on-line friends and my friend, Char, from Michigan sent this set of napkin rings as part of my gift.

Antique Wooden Barrel Decorated for Valentine's Day with the addition of a Heart Napkin Ring #vintagedecor #vintage #woodenbarrel #valentinesdaydecor

Romantic Table Vignette

On the table between the wing chairs, I continued the romantic feel with another candle wrapped in ribbon, an antique glass vase filled with conversation hearts, and a milk glass ashtray filled with vintage jewelry.

Valentine's Day Vignette with Conversation Hearts in an antique glass vase; vintage costume jewelry in a milk glass ashtray; and a candle made romantic with the addition of pink ribbon. #valentinesday #valentinesdayvignette #valentinesdaydecor #conversationhearts #milkglass

Are you wondering how I have conversation hearts when they aren’t supposed to be available this year?  Well…I froze two bags that my husband gave me last year for Valentine’s Day to keep myself from eating them.  I have a terrible sweet tooth! 

Valentine's Day Vignette with Conversation Hearts in an antique glass vase; vintage costume jewelry in a milk glass ashtray; and a candle made romantic with the addition of pink ribbon. #valentinesday #valentinesdayvignette #valentinesdaydecor #conversationhearts #milkglass

Vintage costume jewelry that belonged to my grandmother and great-great aunts glitters in the sunlight in the milk glass ashtray.  You can see all of the vintage costume jewelry that I inherited here.  

Vintage Costume Jewelry in a Milk Glass Ashtray #vintage #vintagedecor #milkglassashtray #milkglass #vintagecostumejewelry

More Romantic Vignettes

After I decorated the mantel and table in front of the mantel, I focused on the music stand to the left of the fireplace and the marble topped table to the right of the fireplace.

Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel and Living Room Decor - Get ideas for decorating for Valentine's Day using vintage from 20 bloggers. #valentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #romanticdecor #vintage #vintagedecor

I shopped around my house looking for pink things to use in these two spots.  For the music stand, I started with a pink vase that belonged to my friend’s mom.  She recently died of Alzheimer’s disease, so this vase is special to me.  I paired the vase with a teapot marked “House of Webster, Eastland Texas” that my aunt once gave me for my birthday and a Nippon pink floral pitcher.

The Nippon pitcher has a piece of masking tape on the bottom that says, “Dr. Mae Kelly.”  Mae Kelly was one of my grandfather’s teachers in Giles County, VA.  Grandaddy was the superintendent of Giles County Schools for many years and and during his tenure as superintendent, one of his many jobs was to hire teachers.  He kept in touch with Dr. Kelly after she left Giles County and I’m not sure how my grandmother acquired the vase, but she marked it so that she would remember that it originally belonged to Dr. Kelly.

My mother also has a connection to Dr. Kelly.  When Mama was a freshman at Madison College (now JMU) in 1964, Dr. Kelly was her psychology professor.  Mama remembers her reciting a lot of A.A. Milner poems to the class.  She also remembers Dr. Kelly coming into class with the news that President Kennedy had been shot.

House of Webster, Eastland Texas Tea Pot, vintage pink glass vase, and a Nippon Hand Painted Pitcher

For the next table’s vignette, I started with a John Maddock & Sons “Bombay” transferware platter that belonged to my grandmother.  I couldn’t figure out what to display with it, so I went shopping around my house, and found a few pieces of early 1900’s Celluloid Bakelite vanity set that belonged to my great-great aunt.

The three pieces that I’m using are actually a part of two different sets that I have.  I also have my great-great aunt’s bedroom furniture and every single morning of my teenage years I sat at her dressing table to do my hair and makeup and I used this mirror to see how the back of my hair looked.

Celluloid Bakelite Vanity Set with a John Maddock & Sons Made in England Fine Vitreous Bombay Transferware Platter

Vintage Valentine’s Postcards and a Chocolate Set

The next area to get decorated for Valentine’s Day was the chest.

Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel and Living Room Decor - Get ideas for decorating for Valentine's Day using vintage from 20 bloggers. #valentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #romanticdecor #vintage #vintagedecor

I don’t remember when I discovered chocolate sets, but I do know that once I discovered them, I was obsessed with getting one.  Mama gave me this Nippon set and that same year, I gave her one that I discovered in an antique shop in Annapolis.

Antique Nippon Chocolate Set on an Antique Chest with Sandwich Glass Knobs #Antique #antiquechest #sandwichglass #chocolateset

I’ve used this chocolate set in my living room, dining room, and on my dresser in my bedroom.  I love it as much now as I did when Mama first gave it to me.

Nippon Chocolate Set #antique #chocolatesetI liked the chocolate set alone on this chest but for Valentine’s Day decided to flank it with a few vintage Valentine’s Day postcards.  The card in the back was sent to my great-great aunt in 1907.  It says, “Now be good, but if you can’t be good be careful”.  The one in the front was never sent.  You can see my entire vintage Valentine’s Day postcard collection here.  

Vintage Valentine's Day Postcards #vintage #vintagepostcards #vintagevalentinesdaypostcards

Both of these cards were sent to the same great-great aunt in 1907.  

Vintage Valentine's Day Postcards #vintage #vintagepostcards #vintagevalentinesdaypostcards

More Vintage Valentine’s Day Postcards and Cards

One thing that I’d love to do is to get my dad’s 1960’s stereo rewired.  The turntable spins but the speakers don’t work correctly.  The box on top of the stereo was made from an old radio.  The sheet music hanging above it is WWI era and belonged to a cousin of my grandmother.  You can see more sheet music and read more about the family connection in my Cozy Winter Family Room post.

Vintage Valentine's Day postcards and cards on a 1960's stereo and box made from an antique radio.

I used vintage flower frogs to display more vintage Valentine’s Day cards and postcards.
Vintage Valentine's Day Postcards and Cards #vintage #vintagepostcards #vintagevalentinesdaypostcards #vintagevalentinesdaycards

The card in the middle was never mailed but has a long message written on the back (read it here), so I guess it was hand delivered.  The other two cards originally stood up to be displayed.  They were given to me by my friend at school and are from her family.  

Vintage Valentine's Day Postcards and Cards #vintage #vintagepostcards #vintagevalentinesdaypostcards #vintagevalentinesdaycards

The speedboat card and “To My Love” card also were given to me by my friend.  

Vintage Valentine's Day Postcards and Cards #vintage #vintagepostcards #vintagevalentinesdaypostcards #vintagevalentinesdaycards

The nearly naked Cupid postcard was sent to my great-great aunt in 1905.  You might get arrested if you sent a card like that these days!  Mama gave me the puppy and kitten card and I think that it was my grandfather’s.  It says, “Love, Tommy” inside.  Tommy was one of my grandfather’s sisters.

Vintage Valentine's Day Postcards and Cards #vintage #vintagepostcards #vintagevalentinesdaypostcards #vintagevalentinesdaycards

One More Look..

I’ve had this room decorated for a few weeks and I’ve really enjoyed the romantic decorative touches that I gave it for Valentine’s Day. 

Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel and Living Room Decor - Get ideas for decorating for Valentine's Day using vintage from 20 bloggers. #valentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #romanticdecor #vintage #vintagedecor


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Romantic and Vintage Valentine's Day Mantel and Living Room Decor - Get ideas for decorating for Valentine's Day using vintage. #valentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #romanticdecor

Next on the tour is County Road 407.  I can’t wait to see the dessert table for two that she’s sharing for Valentine’s Day. 

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  1. Paula, I really love the soft pinks with your blues. We really are kindred spirits–I’ve been taking photos for a tablescape post later this week and our common likes are apparent! It makes my heart happy to be joining you on this hop! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  2. Paula, you always share such pretty and interesting pieces in your posts. Those pink flowers on the mantel are beautiful and so special. I love hearing the stories behind your items as they really make your decor so meaningful. Your room and mantel are so beautifully decorated for Valentine’s Day! Great blog hopping with you!

  3. SOOOO many good ideas! I love that you brought the vanity set out where everyone can see it and enjoy it. Back in the bedroom, who sees it but you? Putting the jewelry in the dish is genius – like a vintage fidget spinner. Love the crepe paper flowers. Nobody does anything like that anymore. That is love!

  4. Paula your home is so lovely. I love all your vintage style. Your mantel is a show stopper. I love it and those beautiful bird prints. Very nice. Had a great time doing the hop with you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  5. What an amazing way to decorate for Valentine’s Day in your living room, Paula! You have so many beautiful pieces. I love how you have your family heirlooms displayed and the antique Valentines are fabulous too. Hope you guys have a fabulous time celebrating, CoCo

  6. What a gorgeous mantel! I love everything about it. The wreath, the large pink flowers, the plates, it’s all so pretty. I especially love the dressed up barrel. Pink just makes everything better. And I need to get my hands on some flower frogs and vintage cards – so festive! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Your displays are just perfect! I love the plates that once belonged to your grandmother. Looking at the flowers, it’s easy to tell that she was talented. Looks like it was passed down to you!

  8. Paula, you had me at pink. I love pink and you have used it in such nice, soft vignettes. All the vintage Valentines are so cute too. Love how you incorporated everything into your living room decor. enjoyed being on the blog hop with you.

  9. How wonderful! Your 25th anniversary? What a perfect way to celebrate using a romantic gift from your wedding. Love all your photos of your home and sweet vintage vignette! Pinned ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Paula your blue drapes and touches of pink drew me in from the first glance at this post. What a beautiful look! Those pink velvet pillows on the chair are perfection!

    Every post you share is so enjoyable to me. I love reading your stories behind your treasures in your home. I do love all the decor but your stories are what I look forward to most! Those flowers are so special (Happy 25th Anniversary year!)

    You shared a racy vintage postcard in your winter tour and now another one here (if you can’t be good…be careful)…too funny!

    The sheet music on the wall is gorgeous and looks especially perfect for Valentine’s Day. The chocolate set, vintage jewlery in the milk glass, hand mirror, dishes flanking the fireplace, pink rag wreath…I CAN’T TAKE IT!!!! So much to love!

    Thank you so much for joining this hop. I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day…

  11. I love the stories behind the pieces and the way you have chosen to display them is just beautiful! So pretty and perfect for Valentine’s Day! I enjoyed joining you on this hop!

  12. Paula,
    You have a fantastic collection of vintage Valentines and other things from your family. I hope you have someone in your family to whom you can leave all of these. I enjoyed seeing them and hearing your stories.


  13. I love the crepe paper flowers your Grandma made for you; how special that you still have them. Happy 25 Anniversary year! Last year was ours and I decorated our bedroom in reds and pinks for the occasion, too. Definitely something to celebrate these days!

  14. So much Valentine goodness, Paula! I enjoyed seeing and reading about the gorgeous chocolate set your mother gave you–just precious ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Paula, your romantic living room is gorgeous! Those blue curtains accented with touches of pink is beautiful. You have so many pretty vintage plates and other items that create such lovely vignettes. It has been so much fun being on this blog hop with you! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  16. What special elements you have used to add some Valentine’s decor to your home! those crepe paper roses are beautiful! What a treasure they are. Happy anniversary!! Thank you for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

  17. So much loveliness, Paula. Love the pink ribbon around the candles (so inspiring, actually), as well as using the milk glass for holders. And that napkin ring on the barrel… that is so pretty! Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering! Hope to see you again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thank you, Julie! I think I’ll take down the rag wreath heart now that Valentine’s Day is over and enjoy this mantel for a bit longer.


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  21. Everything looks so beautiful Paula! Love the crepe paper flowers that your grandmother made, they are perfect for Valentine’s day! Conversation hearts are one of my favorites, I hadn’t heard that they aren’t supposed to be available but it’s for the best anyway because I’m trying to eat healthily and I’m not sure I could resist those!! haha!


  22. Paula, all your vintage decor and the beautiful ways you use them is simply amazing. From your milk glass to those stunning floral dishes and pitchers to that LAMP! I’m obsessed. It’s all SO pretty! You have such great pieces for decorating for the seasons. Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. Hi Paula! I love pink for Valentine’s Day! Your wreath is so pretty and I am in awe that you’re crepe paper flowers still look brand new! What a sweet treasure! Take care, Donna

  24. Thanks for posting to our Fabulous Friday Link Party. Your home is stunning and I love all the history in the pieces that you own. That is such a treasure.

    Your Valentines decor is so tasteful and lovely. You have so many inspiring ideas Paula – I just love this post

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