Fall Decorating – Part III

Come on inside my home and see the little bit of Halloween decorating that I’ve done. Actually, I can’t wait for Halloween to be over so that I can get out my turkeys.

My dad grew all of these gourds. I’ve had them for a long time now. I really like the big ones! I wish he were still around to see that I’m still enjoying them.

I made this cat out of one of Daddy’s gourds. I drew a face and cut it out with one of hubby’s tools. (He got me started.) Hubby made a base with a small light bulb attached. At night my kitty glows! The scale was my grandmother’s and it still works!

Making glitter pumpkins is one of my annual craft projects. The glitter colors in the front are a little too similar this year, but oh well. I love how they sparkle at night!
I’ve had these kitties forever. They came from Emerson Creek Pottery in Bedford, VA.

Spooky candle holders from Greenfront in Farmville, VA.

The Halloween toy was left in our basement by the previous owners of our home. She lived here for ~35 years. The antique candy holder was my grandmother’s. I got the sap bucket at an antique sale in Fisherville, VA.

Mama bought this Beyer’s witch and cat once when we were shopping. She still buys treats for me once in a while!

Just for fun, I put out some of my Halloween books from my childhood. I also have Clifford’s Halloween and Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin book. They are on another table. I love this lampshade. I got it in Staunton at a store that is no longer open.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my decorations! Stay tuned for my turkeys!!


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