DIY Wood Crate Key Organizer

DIY Wood Crate Key Organizer - Make a crate cabinet to store and organize your keys. See more at

There’s something about January that makes us want to get our homes organized and in order.  I don’t know about your house but at mine we have a lot of keys.  For this month’s Power Tool Challenge, our keys got organized thanks to our DIY Wood Crate Key Organizer.

I love seeing what my Power Tool Challenge friends create each month for our themed challenges.  This month’s theme is “Storage and Organization” and I am excited to get some ideas from my friends to use in my own home.  At the bottom of this post you’ll see links to all of the projects shared and I’ll bet that you’ll get some great ideas, too!

Power Tool Challenge Team Organize Edition - Get Organized


How to Make a DIY Wood Crate Key Organizer

Our key organizer was made using a vintage Russian ammunition crate that Mr. SP had on hand.  If you can’t find a local source for a crate, they can be found on Ebay.  However, any crate with a lid can be utilized in the manner in which I modified this ammo crate.

Note that the wood for this crate that’s yet to be opened is much darker than the wood on the crate that we used for our key organizer.

Vintage Russian Ammunition Crate

If you are curious as to what the crate contains, they hold two “spam can’s’’ of ammunition.

Spam Cans from Russian Ammuntion Crate for a Mosin Nagant

The first step for this project was to create a door for the key organizer using the top of the crate.  A piano hinge makes the door open smoothly.

Rustic Wooden Key Organizer Made from a Russian Ammunition Crate - Get the tutorial at

A wooden knob was screwed into the door front.Rustic Key Organizer Made from a Russian Ammunition Crate

A magnetic door latch was added to keep the door shut.

Rustic Key Organizer Made from a Crate - Get the tutorial at

Cup hooks were screwed into two strips of scrap wood from which to hang keys. These strips were then positioned and glued within the crate.  A shelf was added using half inch thick pine board cut to length, and glued into place.

Rustic Key Organizer Upcycle - It's made from a Russian ammunition crate!

We’ve yet to hang our key organizer but when we do, note that the handle on the bottom of the crate will make a great spot for hanging purses and dog leashes with the addition of a few S hooks.


This isn’t our first vintage Russian military upcycle.  Back in November I shared how we repurposed a Russian Rifle Storage Crate into a DIY Work Bench.  This is now our work bench at the lake, and we love that it folds up when we aren’t using it.

Russian Rifle Storage Crate Repurposed Into a DIY Work Bench. What a great upcycle!

Now who’s ready to get some ideas for storage and organizing?  I know that I am.  (And I need a few snow days so that I can stay home from school to have time to do some organizing.)  🙂

Organizing Projects That You Can DIY

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  1. I have an old; heavy duty ammo crate and was wondering what I should do with it. Key Organizer is great idea, but only thing is, we don’t have enough keys to use for that great idea, but I do think I will use mine as a shadow box sort of thing.

  2. Such a creative way to use a piece of history:) I know this will look fabulous hanging on the wall. We keep our keys i a basket and have to dig when we need one, this would make life so much easier!

  3. You guys have some of the coolest things around that you repurpose. I love this crate so much! It’s so cool! And such a good idea to make it an organizer!

  4. Love this. What a great idea. You should see the keys we have that we don’t know what they go to. I ended up putting them all in a bag. I’m afraid to throw them out. They just move from place to place with us.

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