10 Repurposed Project Ideas

This month’s Power Tool Challenge theme is repurposed.  I had a plan for a new repurpose project to share, but I didn’t get it completed in time for this challenge, so I’ll be sharing it at a later date. 

Instead of sharing a new project, I’m sharing 10 Repurposed Project Ideas from my archives. 

I’ve been repurposing for a number of years and I think you’ll be inspired by my projects from the past.

10 Repurposed Project Ideas - Discover ways to creatively repurpose items into useful home decor. #repurpose #DIY #repurposedprojects #upcycle #upcycledprojects

I’m looking forward to the repurposed projects that my Power Tool Challenge Team friends are sharing this month.  You’ll find links to all of the projects shared at the end of this post.

Repurposed Project Ideas

Tennis Racket Projects

I used to be an avid tennis player but had to give it up due to health issues.  I really miss playing and especially miss spending time with my tennis friends.  My husband and I love the look of vintage tennis rackets and we made two projects using tennis rackets that we purchased from thrift stores.

Tennis Racket Table

Our favorite tennis racket project is a Tennis Racket Table that we made using six wooden rackets.  We use this at our lake house and when visitors see it, they always comment on it.

Vintage Tennis Racket Table - Make a table using vintage tennis rackets. #repurpose #upcycle #repurposedproject #diy #tennisracket

Tennis Racket Table

Tennis Racket Basket

Another tennis racket project is a Vintage Tennis Racket Basket.  This basket is perfect for holding books, magazines, knitting, or dog toys.

DIY Tennis Racket Basket - Make a basket perfect for storing books, magazines, knitting, and more. #repurpose #upcycle #upcycleidea #diy #tennisracket

DIY Vintage Tennis Racket Basket

Crate Projects

Ammunition Crate Table

This crate’s original use was to ship ammunition for a collectible WWII gun.  I loved its army green color and the cool Yugoslavian writing on the sides.  This piece was too interesting to hide in our basement, so I repurposed it into a table.

A Cold War era ammunition crate is repurposed into a table. Get the step-by-step tutorial to make one for your home. #repurpose #upcycle #repurposeproject #upcycleproject #ammunitioncrate

Ammunition Crate Table

DIY Workbench Using a Russian Rifle Case

After WWII, the Russians refurbished rifles and stored them in crates that held up to 20 riffles.  My husband and his friends bought one of these crates and we used it to make a DIY Workbench that we use at the lake.

A Cold War era Russian rifle crate is repurposed into a workbench. Get the step-by-step tutorial to make one for your home. #repurpose #upcycle #repurposeproject #upcycleproject #ammunitioncrate

DIY Workbench Using a Russian Rifle Case

Wood Crate Key Organizer

Another vintage Russian ammunition crate was used to make a key organizer.  The markings on the front and sides of this crate make it especially interesting when its closed.

Use an ammunition crate to make a hanging key organizer with a door. This could also be used for storing craft supplies, nail polish, or small tools. Get the step-by-step tutorial to make one for your home. #repurpose #upcycle #repurposeproject #upcycleproject #ammunitioncrate

Wood Crate Key Organizer

Crate Cabinet with Sliding Drawers

You can find wooden crates for sale at Home Depot.  We used four crates to create a crate cabinet.  I use this in my closet but we originally intended to use it for tool storage.

Crates from Home Depot were used to make a filing cabinet style crate cabinet with sliding doors. This can be used for storage anywhere in the home. #diy #diyproject #crate #diyproject

DIY Crate Cabinet with Sliding Drawers

Trash to Treasure Projects

I love finding something in the trash and then turning it into something useful.

Sewing Cabinet to Outdoor Bar

My mom’s friend found a sewing table on the side of the road and passed it along to me.   I transformed it into an outdoor bar that we use at the lake.

A sewing cabinet found on the side of the road is transformed into an outdoor bar. Get the step-by-step tutorial to make one for your home. #repurpose #upcycle #upcycledproject #repurposeidea #diy #diyproject

Sewing Cabinet to Outdoor Bar

Candlesticks from Bedposts

I spotted a bed in a trash pile while on a walk with my dog and used the bedposts to make candlesticks.

How to Make Candlestick Holders from Bed Posts - Bed posts found in a trash pile were used to make DIY candlestick holders. Get the step-by-step tutorial to make these for your home. #diy #diyproject #upcycle #repurpose

DIY Candlesticks Using Upcycled Bedposts

Cabinet Door Message Board and Organizer

My mom’s friend builds houses and passed along a stack of cabinet door samples.  The sample doors ended up being the perfect size to transform into a message board and organizer.

Use a cabinet door to make a message board and organizer. It's a perfect spot to hang your keys and write notes for your family. #upcycle #repurpose #diy #diyproject #upcycleproject

Sports Theme Projects

DIY Baseball Bookends

Use baseballs to make bookends.  I used new balls because I didn’t have any old ones, but this is a great way to repurpose balls that a child or grandchild is no longer using.

Use baseballs to make bookends. Get the step-by-step tutorial to make these for the baseball lover in your life. #baseball #baseballcraft #diy #diyproject

DIY Baseball Bookends

There you have it, 10 Repurposed Project Ideas!

Repurposed Projects from the Power Tool Challenge Team

Now go enjoy the repurposed projects that my teammates are sharing this month.  Click on the links below to see each project.

Favorite Repurposed DIY Project from the Powertool Challenge Team - Get ideas for repurposed projects that you can make with found or thrift store items. #repurpose #upcycle #diy #projectideas

Anika’s DIY Life DIY Bar Cart

H2OBungalow DIY Rolling Bench From A Work Table

My Repurposed Life Twin Bed Bench

Just The Woods DIY Rustic Wood Coffee Table Refinish

Designed Decor Repurposed Bed Frame Shelf

Domestically Speaking Repurposed Chalkboard Sign For Fall

10 Repurposed Project Ideas


  1. Hi Paula,
    These ideas are great, I especially love the crate cabinet with sliding drawers! I’m so inspired to start another project.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love them all! Now that I’m looking at several of your repurposing projects, I’m having a hard time deciding which I love the most! I think the tennis racquet table may still take the cake! Pinned! 🙂

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