DIY Rope Word Art

DIY Rope Art - Use rope to form a word.  Unique art that's a great gift.  Get the full tutorial at virginiasweetpeacom.

My niece recently had a birthday and I wanted to make something special for her.  She’s a dancer, so I thought she might like something she can hang in her room that expresses what she likes to do most in the world:  dance.

The DIY Rope Art I made for her can be customized for any word that fits your personality or interests.  You could also spell out a name or an inspirational message, such as “Imagine” or “Dream.”

DIY Rope Art - Use rope to form a word.  Unique art that's a great gift.  Get the full tutorial at virginiasweetpeacom.

How to Make DIY Rope Word Art


Board cut to the length you desire and stained or painted

1/4” Sisal Rope

Brads – I used 17 x 7/8”.


Utility Knife

Printout of your word in a cursive font

Saw tooth hanger or eye hooks and picture-hanging wire

Materials for DIY Rope Word Art


Examine the cursive print out of the word and decide the approximate placement of each letter.  Nail the rope to the board where the first letter begins.

DIY Rope Art - Rope is used to form any word.  Get the full tutorial at

Using the printout as a guide, bend the rope to form each letter.  Nail the rope into place as you work.  Cut the rope with a utility knife where a letter ends or where needed to form a letter.DIY Rope Art - Use Rope to Spell Out a Word

After the word has been formed, trim fraying pieces of rope with scissors .DIY Rope Word Art

Add a picture hanger to the back of the DIY Word Art.  Hang and enjoy!

DIY Rope Word Art - Form a word with rope to make unique art.  Tutorial at

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DIY Rope Word Art - Make personalized art with rope!  Get the tutorial at

My niece loved her gift which made me a very happy aunt!


  1. Love this idea Paula and pinned it to my Wedding Board. My daughter is getting married in August outdoors and we’re doing Rustic DIY wedding so signs like this would be perfect behind the head table, at the guest table, and the list goes on. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This is so cute! I bet your niece loved it! From all that you’ve told me about her she definitely sounds really into dance so this seems like the perfect personalized gift!!

    1. The type of rope that I used hasn’t frayed. If you used a nylon type rope you can heat the ends to seal them. I’ve done this using the gas burner on my stove.


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    1. Hi, Colleen! To make the stencil, I found a font in Word that looked like cursive and then typed “Dance” into the document. I then switched it to landscape view, and enlarged the word. After that, I saved the document and then uploaded it to Block Posters (free to use) and enlarged it to fit the board. (You may have to print it a few times to get the size just right.) Hope this helps!


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