DIY Wood Slice Coasters with Fall Transfers

One of fall’s pleasures is cozy time spent with a beverage, either by the fire, on the porch, or on the sofa.  

Now that it’s officially fall, I’ve begun to decorate and craft for the season.

DIY Wood Slice Coasters add a decorative accent to our family room coffee table and end tables and they protect the wood from water damage.

Fall coasters made from wood slices.

DIY Wood Slice Coasters

I first used these wood slices on a winter wreath and now the same wood slices have been transformed into fall coasters.

Coasters made from wood slices with fall images.

Many thanks to Cami at Tidbits who inspired this project.

The hardest part of this project was finding images that I wanted to use.  I tested colored images and black and white ones and had the best results using color.

How to Make the Coasters


Wood slices – Cut your own or purchase from a craft shop

Computer, printer and paper

Wax paper

Clear tape

Credit card

Clear acrylic wood sealer


1.  Purchase wood slices from a craft store or cut your own from a tree branch. Sand if needed.

Cut wood slices

2.  Select desired fall images and save to a Word document. I used images from The Graphics Fairy.

Cut a sheet of wax paper slightly larger than a sheet of computer paper.

Fold each side to the back of the paper and tape it into place. This is necessary to prevent the wax paper from jamming the printer.

Print images onto the wax paper, being careful not to touch them as the ink will easily smear.

Fall images printed on wax aper to be transfered to wood slices

3.  Cut images out, being careful not to touch the ink.

Place the image ink side down on the wood slice and rub with a credit card to transfer the image to the wood.

Instructions to make DIY wood slice coasters

Isn’t it amazing how the ink transfers from the wax paper to the wood?

Wood slice with a leaf and acorn image on it.
Wood slice made into a coaster with a fall leaf image on it.
Coaster made from a wood slice with an oak leaf with acorn image on it.

4.  Seal wood slices with acrylic spray sealer to protect the images.

Coasters made from wood slices with fall images.

Another Idea

Instead of using this black and white squirrel as a coaster, I drilled a hole, inserted a piece of twine through the hole, and tied it to a gift bag as a decoration.

Wood slice with a squirrel image tied to a bag.

If you like this project, please pin it on one of your Pinterest boards for others to enjoy.

Coasters with fall images made from wood slices.

Have you started to decorate for fall?  I love fall decorations and I really love that I get to enjoy them until November.


  1. This is so cool! I had no idea you could do that! I love the idea of using them as gift tags and coasters. You could also make pretty ornaments with them too. I definitely need to try transferring something like this!

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