Easy Tablecloth

I have a folding card table that I find is perfect for outdoor entertaining.  I inherited the table from my grandmother and only have one tablecloth that fits it.  The tablecloth is very old and now has a big hole in the center.  Yesterday I used some fabric from my stash to create a new tablecloth.

The fabric that I used is a Waverly outdoor fabric and it seems really durable.  I should be able to wash this tablecloth time and again and have it stay new looking.
The width of the  fabric measured 56″ with the selvage edges.  I cut a 60″ length and then washed the fabric because I suspected that it might shrink; it didn’t, perhaps because it is outdoor fabric.  I folded the fabric in half, squared off one end using my quilting square and rotary cutter, and then measured 56″ down the long side and cut the other end to make a square of fabric. 
I folded the selvage over and pressed it down.
Then I folded it over again and pressed one more time.
I sewed down both sides of the fold. 

After I sewed two sides, I went back to my ironing board and ironed down the hem for the other two sides.  The selvage measure 5/8″, so I folded down 5/8″ twice to make the hem.  Back to the sewing machine I went and very quickly this project was finished.
Things are really dry here and this fern arrangement looks cool and fresh.
One of my Sycamore trees shed a lot of bark while I was at the beach and I decided to put it to good use.  Doesn’t it look pretty as a filler for my vase?


  1. Love your tablecloth. I love using outdoor fabric. They have so many pretty patterns now and I use it all over the house. Perfect for throw pillows, you can just wipe them off. Your bark is the greatest filler ever. I would never have thought of that. Looks wonderful with the fern. Great idea. Hugs, Marty

  2. That fabric will make a great nucleus for summer entertaining inside or out. I bet you can find a lot of tableware on sale in those colors.

  3. It looks great! I love it with your fern arrangement. 🙂 The fabric is really pretty!

  4. Looks great – & good idea to use the bark.
    OUtdoor fabric is such a great thing..i even use it inside sometimes too.

  5. Hi Paula, I do love your new Waverly outdoor fabric. I’m so jealous of all the sewing you get done! You always get so many projects completed during your summer vacation, don’t you? Yes! That filler is fantastic. What a cleaver idea, Sweet Pea 🙂


  6. Hello Paul,

    My wife & I just come across your post, and we absolutely love the fabric, and how you decorate the table outdoor. Very cost efficient yet elegant.

    Jay Chua
    Publisher, PorchSwingSets.com

  7. Love the tablecloth. It looks great! And the fabric is definitely one you’ll be able to match with just about anything.

  8. The tablecloth looks GREAT! Love the stripe!

    What a great idea to put the bark in your vase. I never would’ve thought of that. It looks good and it’s recycling. YEA!

  9. Your tablecloth is very pretty! I just made some cute pillows for my deck chairs with fabric from Joanns. I was wondering if you could also layer your striped tablecloth with a solid sheet or even a dropcloth–I think they resist liquid and are suitable for outdoors. Great job!

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