Late Summer Tablescape

Summer tablescape set in a yard with Pioneer Woman dishes and a floral centerpiece.

I am a summertime girl and I’m not wanting to admit that August is nearly halfway over.  Summer is my favorite season with its warm weather, long days, and beautiful flowers to enjoy.  In celebration of summer, I created an Late Summer Tablescape for my husband and I to enjoy on our patio.

For the first time, I am joining Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate for her monthly tablescape blog hop.  Each day this week a group of bloggers are sharing a late summer tablescape.  You’ll find links to today’s participating bloggers and also links for the bloggers participating the rest of this week at the end of this post. 

Late Summer Tablescape Blog Hop

I’m looking forward to tablescape inspiration each day this week as I enjoy the ideas shared each day over my morning coffee.

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Late Summer Tablescape

At our house we are lucky to have two patios and a deck, all spaces that are wonderful for enjoying the outdoors.  I set this tablescape on a patio that is between our deck and our Greenstone patio.

Summer tablescape set in a yard with Pioneer Woman dishes and a floral centerpiece.

Greenstone used to be mined in Lynchburg and it was used for patios and walkways for years in our town.  Greenstone is no longer mined in Lynchburg but it is still commonly seen around town in the yards of older homes.

Tablescape Details

For this tablescape, I used my grandmother’s card table.  My grandmother hosted bridge parties in her home and I’m sure that countless games of bridge were played at this table. 

Summer tablescape set in a yard with Pioneer Woman dishes and a floral centerpiece.

Granny also was a talented floral designer making both fresh flower arrangements and dried flower arrangements.  She also pressed flowers and made beautiful framed pieces.  My teachers growing up always received a gift handmade by my grandmother.  This table also was used for her floral work.  It traveled with Granny to the nursing home where she continued to make and create until she died.

The chairs originally were in a barber shop and my grandfather purchased them at an auction and then refinished them and wove new seats for them.  Four of these chairs are used at our lake house and the other two I keep at home.

The Tablecloths

Summer tablescape set in a yard with Pioneer Woman dishes and a floral centerpiece.

On the card table I layered a striped tablecloth that I made for this table a few years ago.  Get the easy how-to here.  Over the tablecloth I layered a crocheted square made by my husband’s grandmother.  I also have a similar smaller piece of crochet work made by the same grandmother that I use in the middle of my dining room table.  Both of these pieces are perfectly made and to me are family treasures. 

The Place Settings

I love dishes!  From the age of about 12 on, every shopping trip that my mom and I took to the local mall included a trip to the china department at Leggett.  I had my wedding and Christmas china picked out before I graduated from high school.  Luckily my husband liked my choices!

Table setting with Pioneer Woman dishes and Gorham Golden Ribbon Edge flatware.

For this late summer tablescape, I treated myself to a few Pioneer Woman dishes from Walmart

Table setting with Pioneer Woman dishes and Gorham Golden Ribbon Edge flatware.

I layered a Pioneer Woman Vintage Bloom salad plate over a Pioneer Woman Timeless Beauty Jade dinner plate.  Both of these plates were layered over an inexpensive charger from the dollar store.

Table setting with Pioneer Woman dishes and Gorham Golden Ribbon Edge flatware.

The flatware used for this late summer tablescape is Gorham Golden Ribbon Edge.  It’s my wedding flatware and 25 years later, I still love it.

Napkin with cut lace in a floral napkin ring

The cut lace napkins go with a tablecloth that my mother-in-law gave me years ago.  I’ve used the napkins many more times than the tablecloth.  The napkin rings were purchased years ago in Fredericksburg.

After I took all of my pictures for this post, I realized that I forgot to add stemware to each place setting.  I even had them out and filled with ice tea for us to enjoy.  Don’t worry, we still enjoyed the ice tea!

Table Centerpiece

Summer table centerpiece with Rudbeckia and Gardenia foliage

Every table needs a centerpiece and I made one using Rudbeckia and Gardenia foliage from my yard.  I used a handy flower arranging tool to make this arrangement.  You can read about how easy this tool is to use in the Easy Summer Centerpiece post that I shared last week.

Summer table centerpiece with Rudbeckia and Gardenia foliage

The yellow Rudbeckia and green foliage of the table centerpiece complement the colors in the dishes.

Summer table centerpiece with Rudbeckia and Gardenia foliage

This Rudbeckia was a passalong plant from my friend’s yard.  It reseeds freely and to be honest can be quite the pest in my flowerbeds.  It is pretty, so I do allow some of it to continue to grow in my beds.  Unfortunately the deer like it and it’s often munched before it can bloom.

A Last Look

End of summer tablescape set outdoors with Pioneer Woman dishes and a Rudbeckia and Gardenia foliage centerpiece

Setting a pretty table makes a weeknight meal a special occasion.  Sitting at a pretty table like this is much more romantic than eating on our sofas like we usually do.

Many thanks to Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate for hosting the End of Summer Tablescape Blog Hop this week.  Be sure to visit today’s participants and to come back all week to see the tablescapes shared each day.


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  1. Your table is filled with lovely treasures. I am sure when you sat down at it, you appreciated all of the memories those hand me downs and gifts brought along with them. I get the, “I forgot” thing. I try to always edit all of my photos before I sit down to dine at a table because I always spot things in the photos I don’t seem to see with my own eyes!

  2. Such a pretty setting and how special it is with all the things and memories from your grandparents! I love that Pioneer Woman line of plates, especially the poppy plates {I have some too :)} The flowers are so pretty and your table is fresh and delightful!

  3. Paula, welcome to the crew of tablescapers! I love your use of vintage (close to my heart!), and the fact that you have and use family pieces. As a dealer in textiles, we see a lot of beautiful bridge sets that were made specifically for those little tables. The members of those bridge clubs like your grandmother’s dealt not only cards but much Southern hospitality. Like all the other treasures, your greenstone pavers are wonderful vintage of the region too. I agree, a little table setup like yours is heads above dining on the sofa or in chairs in front of the tv, as we often do too. Setting a pretty table elevates the whole experience, and summertime keeps it casual and easy.

  4. Welcome to the creative world of tablescapers, Paula. Your lovely table is as sweet as the wonderful memories you shared with us. It is so wonderful to know that in ways your grandmother is still with you when you bring out her card table and your think of her and her friends playing cards or arranging centerpieces. It touched my heart and so did your charming tablescape. I am such a fan of the lovely crocheted lace centerpiece. So much like home! Cozy and welcoming. Enjoy your time as a tablescape designer.

  5. Paula, I am so glad you joined this group.
    Thanks for a refreshing table on your patio. I love your treasured card table and the crocheted square of your grandmother’s. She sounds like a lovely and talented lady.
    Pioneer Woman has so many cute plates to layer and you did that well. Your table is attractive and creative as well as meaningful that the chairs and table and appointments are family vintage pieces.

  6. A lovely table that is set with beautiful treasures. How special to be using things passed down from grandparents that holds precious memories. I am so glad that you have joined us for this blog hop and we welcome you!

  7. Hi Paula, it’s a pleasure to meet you and welcome to the group. I love the video and all of the special treasures on your table. Layering table covers is a great touch and the flowers are so pretty.

  8. Paula, you have such a pretty outdoor space and I love your layered tablecloths and colorful dishes! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  9. Your table is a pretty addition to your outdoor patio, perfect to take a little break and enjoy a summer meal. Your Rubeckia looks wonderful atop your grandmothers crocheted tablecloth, how nice it is to have some family heirlooms to hold memories of your past. Thanks for joining us this week!!

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  11. Paula, I just love the story of your Granny’s table, and that you used a handmade piece from your husbands grandmother makes this table extra special! Being in Canada our local Walmart has only a small selection of The Pioneer Woman’s collection, but I wish they had the plates you have used. They are so pretty. I am a sucker for pretty flowers and your centerpiece makes a huge impact using just one type of bloom! So happy you could join us for our tablescape hop!

  12. I love the layered tablecloths you used! It is so special that that was your grandmother’s bridge table! Love the story behind that and the chairs. The plates and flowers are so perfect.

  13. Paula, It sounds like you inherited your talent for crafting and flower arranging from your dear grandmother. I’m sure she’s looking down and admiring your pretty tablescape on her favorite card table! I love your Pioneer Woman plates…the jade dinner plate reminds me of vintage jadeite, and I love the delicate scalloped edges. I’m fascinated by your vase as I’ve never seen anything like it. I checked out your Easy Summer Centerpiece post and I may just “need” to order one! It makes one type of bloom look amazing on it’s own. I’m so happy you’ve joined us this week!

  14. Dishaholics unite Paula, welcome! I love your table set on your patio with flowers from your garden and pretty PW dishes. Your grandmother’s crochet topper is a treasure. Happy to be hopping with you this week. Enjoy the last days of summer!

  15. Your table is so stunning I did not even notice the stemware was missing. How sweet that everything about it brings memories including the table itself. I love the lace tablecloth! Your Grandmother sounds like she was a wonderful person to know.

  16. Such a lovely way to have a meal. Hubby and I eat in the living room a few times a week too. So it is always nice to sit at the table for a meal. The heirlooms make it even more special. I love the centerpiece and the plates are so pretty. I pinned and it’s a pleasure to be on the hop with you. Hugs!

  17. Such a pretty tablescape Paula, especially amid your lovely gardens! As usual I am loving how you have used pieces that are meaningful to you. The crocheted tablecloth is truly a treasure and it looks so pretty over the striped tablecloth you made.

    Thank you for sharing that you forgot the tea glasses! I do things like that and get so annoyed with myself but at least I know I am not alone! I can imagine how the iced tea would look on the table, and it “looks” beautiful and refreshing!

    So happy you joined us for the tablescape hop. I hope you enjoy every last second of your favorite season!

  18. This setting is beautiful! I am feeling really inspired by that doily too! Pinned for inspiration. I have chosen this as one of my features for this week’s Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Link Party, which goes lives Saturday at 5pm EST.

  19. I am so happy to see that you have joined this tablescape group, Paula! I agree that setting a pretty table makes a meal a special occasion! Your lovely treasures came together beautifully. Love the story of your grandmother’s table and the chairs, and your outdoor setting is so welcoming. Wishing you a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Lynne! I’m happy to be a part of this group. I hope that you are having a great first week back at school.


  20. I absolutely love the crocheted overlay on your tablecloth! I think it’s wonderful that you’re able to incorporate so many items that have sentimental value to your tablescape. Everything looks just perfect ~ even without the tea.

    1. Thank you so much, Allyson! I am lucky to have inherited that crocheted piece from my husband’s side of the family.


  21. I love the fact that so much of this tablescape is from your grandparents. It make it much more special. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ’s.

  22. Your tablescape is beautiful Paula! I love how you shared all the details about everything you used here. Especially the crocheted square made by your husband’s grandmother. Thank you so much for sharing with Charming Homes and Gardens. Pinned and followed you on Pinterest!

    1. Thank you, Kim! I love using vintage pieces from family when I decorate. Thank you for following me on Pinterest. I’m following you as well.


  23. I love the idea of layering tablecloths and to add a sentimental vintage item over a new piece is fabulous. You always have the best treasures. Thanks so much for joining us at the Farmhouse Friday link party! Hope you can link up again this week!

  24. Your tablescape is so pretty, Paula! I wish our Canadian Walmart had that lovely pattern. Love how, just like your vignettes, your tablescape tells a story with family treasures incorporated into the mix. I will be featuring you this weekend at the Snickerdoodle party!

    1. Thank you, Marie! Isn’t it funny that Canadian Walmart doesn’t carry the same merchandise as American ones? I so much appreciate the feature!


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