End of the Season Tennis Party

Our USTA team had a party on Saturday to celebrate the end of the season. The goal for this season was not to be last and we met that since we are ranked number five out of six teams. We had hoped to win more than we did, but it was not to be. It was a fun season full of good play and lots of laughs. I looked at my record last night and I won six out of eleven matches.

One of the ladies on our team owns The Silver Pig barbeque restaurant and her husband kindly provided food for the party. We had bbq, baked beans, and hush puppies. We also had lots of appetizers, drinks, and of course, dessert.

I didn’t get the “Wear Black and White to the Party” memo!

Mr. SP’s sister visited this past week from CA. There’s no mistaking that they are brother and sister!

Meet Mugsie the three legged dog and Reese the fattest Puggle ever.


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