How to Make a Vintage Tennis Racket Table

The Power Tool Challenge Team is back to share projects made with power tools.  Our goal is to encourage ladies to get in the workshop and to use power tools.  This month our theme is repurposed and I am excited to share how I used vintage tennis rackets to make a table base.

Vintage Tennis Racket Table - Learn how to make a table base with six vintage tennis rackets.


I started collecting wooden tennis rackets years ago thinking that I’d use them at the lake as wall decor.  I still may execute that idea but loved repurposing these rackets into a table base.Vintage Tennis Racket Table - Learn how to make a table base with six vintage tennis rackets.

The Summer 2016 of Flea Market Style was the inspiration for this project.  My table is built similarly to the one in the magazine but with a few differences.

How to Make a Vintage Tennis Racket Table

How to Make a Vintage Tennis Racket Table


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6 Wooden Tennis Rackets

30” Glass Table Top

Drill and Bits




Scrap Lumber (To Make a Jig and Braces)

1 1/4” Deck Screws

Zip Ties


Dowel Scraps



1.  Measure 12 1/2” from each racket handle base and mark a spot for a hole to be drilled with an awl and hammer.

How to Make a Tennis Racket Table

2.  Pair the six rackets.  For each pair, drill a hole in one racket and countersink another hole in the other.

How to Make a Tennis Racket Table

3.  Screw pairs together using a deck screw.  The rackets will scissor at this point making the height of the table top adjustable.

How to Make a Tennis Racket Table

4.  Decide on a desired table height; I chose 19 1/2”.  To set each racket pair to be 19 1/2” tall, build a jig by screwing or clamping two scrap pieces of lumber to a work area 19 1/2” apart in the center.  Place racket pairs into the jig and adjust so that the heads and handles of the pair will be 19 1/2” tall.

How to Make a Tennis Racket Table


5.  Add another screw beside the first one.

How to Make a Tennis Racket Table


6.  Group the three pairs of rackets to form the table base.  Use zip ties to hold the racket heads together.

How to Make a Tennis Racket Table


7.  Mix epoxy and apply to each racket head junction.How to Make a Tennis Racket Table

8.  After the epoxy is dry, remove zip tie and epoxy a dowel scrap to each racket head junction for further support.

How to Make a Tennis Racket Table


9. Cut a wedge shaped scrap of wood and epoxy into place under the handle below the screw where it will be hidden from view.

How to Make a Tennis Racket Table



10.  To make extra sure that the table would be secure, the racket handles were screwed together.

How to Make a Tennis Racket Table

11. Carefully place the glass top on top of the racket base and enjoy your new table.


The arrows were my dad’s and I even have their original quiver.   This table has already been taken to our lake house where I know we’ll enjoy using it for many years.  Since we have a lot of friends that play tennis, I think that it will be quite the conversation piece.Vintage Tennis Racket Table - Learn how to make a table base with six vintage tennis rackets.

Have you ever seen tennis balls that come in a glass instead of a can?  Spalding must have done that as a promotion at some point in the past.

Vintage Spalding Tennis Ball Glass


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Vintage Tennis Racket Table - Learn how to make a table base with six vintage tennis rackets.


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  1. How Clever! I love it!

  2. This table is too creative and out of this world awesome! When my husband saw the pic, he kept saying how’d she conect the rackets? I have no doubt that this table will the talk of the get together when you have friends over!

  3. This is SO COOL! Even though I just read how you did this…how in the world did you do this? Haha! It’s such an awesome idea and just boggles the mind to look at. I love it!

  4. That is fabulous!!! I want one of those!

  5. wow Paula!

    What a clever and creative use of vintage tennis rackets. Super tutorial and tips–love the zip tie clamps! LOL

    The table is so pretty and very unique. Pinned!


  6. Wow Paula! This table is incredible! Your visitors are going to love it (and want you to built them one!) Pinned!

  7. Paula, I love all the projects shared in this month’s challenge but when I saw your table, it is my favorite, hands down! LOVE LOVE LOVE this conversation piece and I bet it looks fabulous at your cottage. Clapping hands over here – you rocked it!

  8. Oh my gosh, how cool and clever is this?? Definitely a fantastic conversation piece…so glad to hear you’re keeping this one! XO

  9. Wow, what a fun and cleaver idea! Seriously so awesome! I love it!

  10. Wow!! This table is a super clever idea! I love it!! What a great piece…

  11. That is amazing Paula!

  12. So cute! I love the staging, too! Great photo all around!

  13. this is incredible!!! im so impressed!

  14. That is so awesome Paula!! So creative. 🙂

  15. I just wish this were mine! You knocked it outta the court 😉 Love it and those arrows too! My birthday is coming up – in December!

  16. Oh my goodness! Such creativity! Love love love this unique piece.

  17. Wow! What an awesome table!

  18. Just stunning! Makes me wish we had tennis players in our family who would really appreciate this! If I had a game room, I would be on the hunt for old tennis rackets today! I would be honored if you would stop by and share this at Celebrate Your Story! link party! Here is the link: I have pinned this one to my Crafty Furniture board, I hope it inspires lots of others to take on this or a similar project!

  19. This is SO ingenious, I absolutely love it !!!

  20. Paula, you’ve outdone yourself on this project! This is brilliant!! As always, you give such good instructions for making one of these. We’re not tennis players, but I still just love this table. Awesome!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party. I’m featuring you this week!

  21. I’ve never seen anything like this- so creative! I love how it turned out! Thanks for linking up to the Handmade Hangout! I’ll be featuring you on my blog ( when the new linky goes live today at 6pm ET. I hope you’ll stop by and link up again!

  22. Paula..this table is so fantastic!…so creative and fun!…Great tutorial….I must pin and share today!!!!

  23. How incredibly cool is this table! What a brilliant idea! I love how your mind works! Well done! I hope you have a great day!

  24. Wow! I love this repurpose of the tennis rackets! You really nailed this one!

  25. WOW!! What a brilliant creative.I;ve never seen anythings like this design.Love this kind of unique style.

    • Sweet Pea says:

      Thank you! We play tennis, so this table is perfect for our home. When we have visitors, they almost always comment on this table.


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