Cooling Off with Iced Tea After a Long Doggie Walk

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Cooling Off with Keurig Brew Over Ice  #BrewOverIce #BrewItUp

Our dog, Sherman, requires a lot of exercise.  He gets at least a two hour walk in the morning and sometimes a walk that long in the evening.  It takes a lot of time but the exercise is good for all of us.  July in Virginia is hot.  Sherman cools off on a walk by jumping in and out of the creek, but Mr. SP and I don’t have that luxury.  (Well, we could…but we don’t!)  When we get home from a long weekend walk, we like to relax on the patio with a refreshing drink.  We sometimes get tired of water or our usual lemonade and recently tried iced tea that we brew in our Keurig.  After a long walk, a fresh iced tea really hits the spot!


Saturday’s walk really tired Sherman out.  After walking, hunting for mice, and having a rousing play session with his doggie friend Rosie, Sherman was ready for a nap!

Keurig Brew Over Ice after walking Sherman #BrewOverIce #BrewItUp #shop


Sherman was ready for a nap and I was ready to sit down after being on my feet for such a long time!

Enjoying Iced Tea post Walk with Sherman  #BrewOverIce #BrewItUp #shop


On a recent grocery trip to Walmart, I picked up two boxes of iced tea to prepare in our Keurig.  We both are glad to have these on-hand for refreshment on our hot Virginia summer days.

Snapple Lemon Iced Tea and Lipton Brew over Ice Tea  #BrewOverIce #BrewItUp #shop


There are many available flavors and your store probably carries even more varieties than my local Walmart.

Keurig Brew Over Ice




Walmart Selection of Keurig Teas


Use the 6 oz or oz setting on your Keurig for the best taste and be sure to brew your iced tea in a plastic cup.

Snapple Brew Over Ice in a Keurig  #BrewOverIce #BrewItUp #shop

Fun Fact:

I didn’t know until I was an adult that people drank any beverage other than iced tea with dinner.  Not a meal went by that Mama didn’t make a pitcher of fresh tea for an evening meal.  My grandmothers made tea, so did all of my aunts, and so did the moms of all of my friends.  When I went away to college, I realized that people drank beverages other than tea for dinner.


Cuddling Sherman  #BrewOverIce #BrewItUp #shop

Snapple #BrewOverIce has just 40 calories per serving and Lipton Brew Over Ice Sweet Tea has 50 calories.  We won’t break the calorie bank enjoying these beverages this summer.


What beverages do you enjoy in the summer?  #CollectiveBias  #BrewItUp


  1. Two hour walks?! Holy smoke! That is why you look as good as you do. Yay for you. I grew up drinking lots and lots of iced tea. Now I drink water or lemonade most of the time. Mostly water though.

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