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Three Historic Mansions in Lynchburg VA by virginiasweetpea.com

A few weeks ago I shared five historic houses in my town whose fall porch decor I admired.  Not only did I admire the decor, I admired the architecture of these five homes.  Today I’m back with the second installment of “Eye Spy” in Lynchburg, Virginia, to share three historic mansions on Rivermont Avenue that I’ve admired for years.


Did you know that Lynchburg, VA is the site of America’s first planned subdivision?  The houses that I am sharing today are among the first to be built along Rivermont Avenue, the first planned subdivision in America.


I crane my neck to look at theR.Taylor Gleaves House every time I drive by.  I love the architecture of this home and wish that the current owner would do some drastic pruning to show it off.

R Taylor Gleaves House on Rivermont Avenue Lynchburg Virginia


The picture below is from Lynchburg: An Architectural History by S. Allen Chambers published in 1981.  Mr. SP purchased this out of print book when he first came to town.  We both have really enjoyed looking through it over the years.

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R Taylor Gleaves House


The shrubbery is so overgrown now that you can hardly admire the architecture of this home.  Aren’t the arches over the windows interesting?

R Taylor Gleaves House on Rivermont Avenue Lynchburg VA


What’s behind that giant shrub on the front of this house?  I want to know!

R Taylor Gleaves House on Rivermont Avenue


The front porch columns are made from Greenstone which used to be mined here in Lynchburg.

R Taylor Gleaves House on Rivermont Avenue Lynchburg VA Mansion

You can’t appreciate how truly large the William Christopher Ivey House is until you walk past it.  This home is a few blocks down Rivermont Avenue from the R.Taylor Gleaves House.  When I walked to the side of it to take pictures, my jaw literally dropped as I realized that this house is huge!  The previous owners used to put wreaths on the windows lighted with candles at Christmas and it was stunning.  I miss that!William Christopher Ivey house in Lynchburg VA


I agree with S. Allen Chambers, the William Christopher Ivey House is the centerpiece of the mansions that surround it.  I’m glad that the pine in the picture below is no longer there blocking the view of this mansion from the street.

William Christopher Ivey House 1903


Look at that tower!  Isn’t this an interesting architectural feature?  Once again, here is an example of overgrown shrubbery blocking the view of the home.  William Christopher Ivey house in Lynchburg VA - Rivermont Avenue


I would love to see the inside of this home to not only to admire it, but to see exactly how many rooms it has and find out their uses.

William Christopher Ivey house in Lynchburg VA - Side


Flat lots are rare in Lynchburg and this large home has one.

William Christopher Ivey house in Lynchburg VA - Back Side


This is the former carriage house for the home.  I wonder what it is used for now?  Some people convert them to garages or apartments but I’m not sure about this one.

William Christopher Ivey house in Lynchburg VA - Carriage House


A woman that I used to teach with grew up in the R. D. Apperson House.  Her parents restored it through her childhood and she remembers having to climb a ladder to go upstairs to her bedroom.  This home has a carriage house on the property that serves as an apartment.  (This home is two doors down from the William Christopher Ivey House that we just admired.)

RD Apperson House on Rivermont Avenue


When this was picture was taken there was not a thing around this home.  RD Apperson House


I hope you enjoyed this installment of “Eye Spy”.  I enjoy sharing the architecture in my pretty city with you!


  1. This was fun, Paula! I try to imagine what it was like to live there when the house was new. The parties. Sunday afternoon with games on the lawn. Lemonade on the porch that was lined with huge ferns. All happy times, of course!

    It’s a shame the Ivey house has air conditioners in the windows. Surely anyone who can afford to live in that house should be able to install central air.

  2. I live in Roanoke and don’t get to Lynchburg often. I feel a weekend trip coming on to travel down Rivermont and see these gorgeous homes! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Carla – You should definitely take a road trip to Lynchburg. I also enjoy traveling to Roanoke to look at the homes.

  3. I really enjoy your posts about Lynchburg! Is there a historic down town with shops and cafes? Really enjoy visiting place like that.

    1. Joyce,
      Lynchburg has a really nice downtown that you would enjoy visiting. There are also historic neighborhoods adjacent to downtown that you would enjoy. The visitor’s center is at the corner of Church and 12th. I would suggest starting there when you come.

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