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Kate of Centsational Girl is hosting a “Favorite Things in My Town” party.  I love where I live and thought that it would be fun to share some of the things that I like about living in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Lynchburg is a historic city chartered in 1786 along the banks of the James River.  One of my favorite things about Lynchburg is the architecture.  I never tire of admiring the many grand old homes in beautiful neighborhoods.

Lynchburg has a wonderful rails-to-trail that features not only paved paths but also paths through the woods that are wonderful for running, walking, or biking.

The path includes a Civil War era train tunnel.  It’s cool inside no matter the season.

This old railroad bridge enables riders to cross the James to enter neighboring Amherst County.

This is the view of the James from the bridge.  It’s impossible not to enjoy exercising with scenes like this.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a 20 minute drive from Lynchburg.  A drive on the parkway is a favorite October weekend activity.
Arnold Valley 2

The drive to the parkway is beautiful, too.  Here you see the James in Bedford County.
James Rivew View 2

Thomas Jefferson’s vacation home, Poplar Forest, is a popular tourist destination.  These photos are from a school field trip in fall of 2009.


Point of Honor, Dr. George Cabell’s plantation home along the James River, is another popular tourist spot.  I see this grand old home every day on my drive home from work.
Point of Honor

Lynchburg has worked hard to revitalize the downtown area.  Many old warehouses along the river have been converted into stores and restaurants.  One of our favorite restaurants is Waterstone, an excellent pizza pub with its own brewery.  The upstairs features another restaurant, Shoemakers, appropriately named as the building is an old shoe factory.  The rest of the building is the Craddock Terry Hotel.


Downtown is a fun place to stroll with many interesting shops.

Lynchburg has a very popular community market.  I took this photo after school one day when there was no activity, but on Saturday this place buzzes with activity.

Lynchburg is one hour from beautiful Smith Mountain Lake.

I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse of my town!


  1. Grammy Goodwill says:

    Your pictures are beautiful. I almost moved to Lynchburg 25 years ago because it put me closer to my family in Richmond, Danville, and Christiansburg. Who knew that 20 years later I would end up in Roanoke?

  2. Lynchburg looks beautiful Paula…love the Civil War history and the old buildings.

    Virginia is a gorgeous state.

    Thanks for sharing

    Janet xox

  3. FrouFrouBritches says:

    Such beautiful scenery and I loooove touring old homes and historic places. Looks like a fantastic place to live.

  4. I loved Lynchburg! Your pictures make me want to move back 🙂 Thanks for sharing (visiting from CG).

  5. You didn’t mention the Hillcats! That’s a nice little ballpark — always a good time there. I really like this post and party idea. I now have a few more places on my list of “things to do” when we are at the lake for more than a weekend.

  6. Yvonne@StyleBurb says:

    What gorgeous old homes! I’d love to know the history that goes along with them. You around surrounded by beauty, Paula!

  7. AB HOME Interiors says:

    Wow virginia is gorgeous. Reminds me a lot of Nashville! Love the train tunnel, that is so cool!

  8. Blondie's Journal says:

    You really live in a gorgeous area…your pictures are stunning!


  9. Miss Char says:

    Paula, you do indeed live in a beautiful town. There is just so much history in the east, I never get tired of visiting. Thanks for sharing your town.

  10. You live in a beautiful town!

  11. A Pretty Life in the Suburbs says:

    So beautiful! I love all the historic buildings and homes!

  12. Ah, just gorgeous! I have several friends who graduated from Va. Tech. I would love to visit some day.

  13. What great pictures–and homes! Isn’t Virginia wonderful? I really hope to get to Smith Mountain Lake one of these days too…Thanks for stopping by, its been so fun to see other blogs from the same area.

  14. KM @ This Plate is Full says:

    I can see why you live there Paula! Its beautiful!!!
    I would love that community market on Saturdays!!

    What a great Idea for a blog party!

  15. Gloria Fox @ Potentially Beautiful says:

    I’m right next door in Roanoke! I don’t get to Lynchburg much, good to see some of the great places to go. Thanks!

  16. Centsational Girl says:

    Paula, how absolutely enchanting! I can feel the history and charm captured through your eyes, thank you for sharing this!

  17. Hi, Paula! I’m a Lynchburg girl, too! It’s great to see our city so well represented in the blog world! Your photos are beautiful!

  18. Wonderful tour, Paula! I remember traveling to Lynchburg to shop at the Craddock-Terry shoe factory. I like how the town has repurposed so many of the old buildings.

  19. Homestyling101 says:

    You live in a beautiful area! Thanks for sharing your bit of home!

  20. Your photographs are beautiful Paula! Thanks so much for the tour of Lynchburg, it is so beautiful. I never tire looking at beautiful homes and the Smith Mtn. Lake looks so beautiful…lovely shot!
    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  21. Love it! What beautiful pictures. It looks like such a lovely place. I especially enjoyed the first pictures of the gorgeous homes. It makes me want to come visit!!

  22. Love it! What beautiful pictures. It looks like such a lovely place. I especially enjoyed the first pictures of the gorgeous homes. It makes me want to come visit!!

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