Fall Plants

One of my favorite fall blooming plants is ‘Fireworks’ Goldenrod, Solidago rugosa.  Don’t worry about Goldenrod bothering your allergies, that’s a myth.  This plant rewards a gardener with beautiful yellow cascading blooms in the fall and best of all, the deer leave it alone.  It is aggressive and spreads easily, but it’s easy to pull up the stray plants.



In a perfect world, my plants would look like this:


Colchicums are another fall favorite.  The bulb’s foliage comes up in the spring and then the blooms pop out of the ground in the fall.  All of my bulbs came from my grandmother’s garden.


I am anxiously awaiting blooms from my Chrysanthemums and Asters.  It won’t be long!  What’s blooming in your garden?


  1. My tea olive is still blooming. 🙂 Love my tea olive. I have asters that have been blooming all summer. My autumn joy is about finished. It was beautiful. One of my neighbors has the fireworks goldenrod. It is beautiful right now.

  2. Ooh, I love my tea olive too. It smells soooo good. Goldenrod is the Nebraska state flower, but I have trouble with it here…maybe it’s too hot?

    Right now my whole yard needs some TLC. It’s looking rough. It needs to cool down before I plant pansies and fall stuff, so I’m holding off working on it.

  3. Those colchicums are interesting…I’ve never heard of a bulb that flowers in the fall. Do they require much light in the summer months?

  4. I came by to check out your casserole recipe by way of another blog. Hot dog dinner sounds good for a football game party here. Thanks for the recipe. Now the goldenrod not bothering allergies I would have to debate as I am already doing the “ahum” throat clearing sound in my throat that drives my husband crazy:) I will peak in at your blog again. Have a good weekend.

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